Global Challenges Call for Global 3PLs: Q&A with One of Greece's Largest Carriers

January 15, 2020

Today's freight industry is complex, volatile and global. This means that carriers face the same challenges and care about the same things regardless of the market.

Last year, Coyote surveyed carriers across North America and Europe. Both studies revealed that the things they look for in a provider is universal:

  • Ability to Negotiate Rates
  • Easy to Browse Available Loads 
  • Carrier Reps Who Know Their Business

Hear directly from the CEO of one of Greece's largest fleets to learn why Coyote's reps are part of the key to growing their international business.

“The most valuable part about working with Coyote Logistics has been the understanding of our business needs.

They know where our trucks are and where they need to go. Coyote really cares about our business.”

– ELIAS MARINOS, CEO, Marinos Trans


Facts About Marinos Trans

  • Based out of Megara, Greece
  • Third generation family-owned business
  • Grew from two to 120 refrigerated trucks
  • Runs consistent loads with Coyote across Europe


The Story of Marinos Trans

When Elias Marinos’ grandfather started the family business he did so with 15 refrigerated trucks from the United States. In fact, he was the first in Greece to buy and run reefer units. He used the trucks to run domestic freight at first, and only dedicated one for international cargo.

Year by year, as business grew so did his fleet. Today, 15 years under Elias's leadership with hard work and much love, Marinos Trans is proud to be one of the biggest fleets in Greece. 

No matter the country, what carriers value and are challenged by doesn't change. Find out how Marinos Trans overcomes their biggest challenges with the help of dedicated reps from Coyote Logistics Europe.


Q&A with Elias Marinos

Coyote: What are some of your day-to-day business challenges?

Elias Marinos: The biggest challenge that we have now is our competition. When we started, we were the first to move refrigerated trucks, but now there are many others.

Some of these newer companies accept rates that are below the actual cost to transport in order to avoid driving empty. It’s hard to keep up, but you don’t have a choice – after all, we have to keep our trucks moving.


C: Besides competition, are there any other challenges you’re facing?

EM: It is challenging to consistently find the right freight to keep our trucks moving but having a partner with a sizeable network like Coyote Logistics is very helpful.

Being able to tap into a huge network of customers allows us to find freight that we couldn’t have found on our own. At times when capacity is low, like around certain holidays or when our trucks are in places where it’s harder to find freight, Coyote is there.


C: You mentioned that we have helped you to overcome some of the challenges you’re facing. Can you share what made you start to work with us to begin with?

EM: Our first contact at Coyote was with a rep named George. We talked quite often and we could see how motivated he was to learn more about our business. This personal touch made the difference.

But the same way he learned about us, we learned about Coyote. George took his time to answer questions, explain how Coyote operates and what opportunities are available to us. It was only a short matter of time before we found lanes we could start hauling.


C: We’ve been working together for several years now. Can you tell us more about your experience working with Coyote?

EM: So far we are very happy with our relationship. Not only has Coyote been able to provide us with solutions and freight that we couldn’t have found on our own, but you always pay on time. It is a big relief not having to worry about delayed payments.

"You always pay on time. It is a big relief not having to worry about delayed payments."


C: Can you expand on what value your Coyote rep adds to your business?

EM: I think in the time I’ve been working with Coyote, first with George and more recently with a rep named Simoni, the most valuable part was their understanding of our business needs.

They’ve been helping us find both long-term dedicated freight and short-term spot freight. They know where our trucks are and where they need to go. It is almost like having an extension to our team who really cares about our business.

Simoni is very hard working and it has been great working with her. She always finds us solutions if our reloadings fail. Whenever we really needed her, she has been there for us – no matter what time of day she is always available to help, even after hours.


C: It sounds like a relationship with a rep that knows your business is important to you. What other qualities do look for in a broker or 3PL provider?

EM: In addition to a strong relationship, some of the main things we look for from a provider are whether their prices are fair and sufficient, how quickly they can resolve issues when incidents arise and finally how well-organized the company is. These are all very important things to us.

For example, most of our seasonal work includes the transportation of fresh meat. If there is a delay during loading or offloading and it isn’t resolved quickly, we will fail on our business commitment.

Fresh meat will obviously go bad and this would be unacceptable to our customers. That is something that we absolutely cannot do and having a provider that is available and cares makes a huge difference.


Thank you to Marinos Trans for sharing their story and insights with us. Want to read more about how Coyote has helped carriers around the world grow their fleets?



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