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WEBINAR: Q4 2019 Truckload Market Forecast

Is your supply chain prepared for 2020? Though it might not feel like it yet, the market is getting tighter.

Join Coyote hosts Chris Pickett (Chief Strategy Officer) and Jack Gerstner (VP, CTM Operations) when they discuss Q3 market performance, 2020 outlook and procurement best practices. 

Get the insight and tips you need to inform your strategy as you get ready for next year's predicted inflationary market.

In this webinar, we'll answer:

  • Are truckload rates already on the rise?
  • How would a potential 2020 economic recession affect the truckload market?
  • How should I approach my 2020 RFP?
  • What are some procurement best practices to use on my bid?

See why shippers and carriers rely on the Coyote Curve® forecast to inform their supply chain strategies.

"Great info. You guys are really on top of what the market is doing. I feel confident trusting Coyote to help us manage market volatility and difficult shipping scenarios."

- Multinational beverage shipper on Q3 Coyote Curve webinar