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Supply Chain Master Series On Demand

In House or Outsourced: 500 Shippers Tell You When & Why They Work With 3PLs

Supply chain outsourcing — pretty much everyone is doing it, but what are they outsourcing, and when?

We surveyed 500 of your peers to find out how they blend outsourced and in-house functions in their supply chain, how many providers they work with, whether they expect to outsource more or less going forward, and the level of support they’re getting from the C-suite.

Experts from our in-house research team and Coyote Transportation Management supply chain outsourcing team will offer their perspective on the results, and a shipper who successfully outsources will share their experience and advice.

Topics covered include:

  • The most frequently outsourced logistics functions.
  • How shippers blend in-house operations with outsourced 3PLs.
  • How corporate leadership views supply chain staffing and contracting decisions.
  • How shippers choose an outsourced provider.
  • What shippers think about supply chain consultants.


  • Rob Haddock, Group Director, Planning & Logistics, Coca-Cola
  • Matt Reid, Director, Client Success, Ware2Go
  • Kyle Reynertson, Director, Research, Coyote Logistics
  • Elizabeth Williams, Director, CTM Operations, Coyote Logistics

Read the Full Outsourced Supply Chain Study

Get all the data we didn't have time to cover in this webinar, plus download hi-res PowerPoint slides of all figures.

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