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Supply Chain Master Series On Demand

Q3 2022 Freight Market Forecast: Is Capacity Stabilizing?

For the first time in years, rates and capacity appear to be settling back into a more manageable state.

But as the market gears up for a busy summer shipping season, is this a return to normal or the eye of the storm?

And what role will inflation, rising diesel prices and a looming recession play in the market in the coming months?

Get insights from industry experts on what the summer could have in store for your supply chain as we head into Q3.


Presenters in This Session of Supply Chain Master Series

  • Rick Blasgen, Advisor, CSCMP & Committee on Supply Chain Competitiveness, Secretary of Commerce
  • Abhishek Gupta, Marketing Director, UPS
  • Nick Shroeger, Chief Solutions Officer, Coyote Logistics
  • Corey Klujsza, VP Pricing & Procurement Strategy, Coyote Logistics


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