SNEAK PEEK: "How to Strike a Balance Between Technology and Humanity" at CSCMP EDGE

August 11, 2019

Logistics moves fast, and so does Coyote. As conversations surrounding the increasing rate of automation in our industry become pervasive, supply chain professionals are left with questions that are best answered with in-depth industry insights, data, and analytics.

That’s why Coyote has conducted an independent research study on the intersection of technology and humanity within the supply chain industry. In partnership with Martec, we surveyed shippers and carriers on automation and the workforce, emerging technology, where human support is irreplaceable, and the optimal balance of these for business success.

PREVIEW: 43% of shippers say booking shipments is a task they value performed by a combination of people and technology, while only 23% would prefer technology to handle this task alone.

To launch this timely research, on September 16, Coyote’s SVP of North American Sales, Nick Verceles, will preview our findings at CSCMP EDGE with his presentation entitled “Technology + Humanity: Striking the Balance in Your Supply Chain.”

The Presentation

If you’re attending CSCMP EDGE, be sure to stop by Verceles' presentation in-person on Monday, September 16 from 10:30-11:30 a.m., or stream our webinar on Thursday, September 26 for an in-depth analysis of our research that will better equip your business and employees with the insights needed for supply chain transformation. 

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Following Verceles’ CSCMP EDGE presentation, Coyote will release the complete study, which outlines critical key learnings, predictions, and insights on what shippers and carriers feel is the optimal blend of technology and human interface – and, most importantly, actionable steps to take in order to achieve that balance.


Up Next

Our goal with this study is to equip our network of shippers and carriers with the insights and data necessary to stay competitive in today and tomorrow’s complex global freight market. Check back at and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for the latest on our research and to join the conversation.

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