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2021 Q2 Coyote Curve Webinar

A record-setting Q4 retail Peak Season caused capacity crunches across freight markets. As supply chains recover from the holiday surge, the “commercial driver shortage” debate is trending once again. Carriers are bringing more capacity into the market, but will there be enough long-haul drivers to cover freight in a resurgent economy? Has the market already peaked, or will rates climb higher throughout 2021? Find out as four industry experts discuss current freight market trends, analyze our proprietary Coyote Curve® forecast and examine the impact of the commercial truck driver shortage. In this webinar, you’ll get a preview of driver labor market insights from an upcoming research study and the chance to ask expert panelists questions in a live Q&A. Presenters: Christina Bottis, CMO, Coyote Logistics Sean Fahey, SVP of Yield Management, Coyote Logistics Rob Sentz, Chief Innovation Officer, EMSI Tom Hodgins, VP of Operations, Centerline In this live webinar, you'll learn: • If spot and contract rates have already peaked • Where the market is heading in Q2 & beyond • Factors contributing to the commercial driver shortage • How the driver shortage impacts truckload market cycles