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How to Understand the U.S. Truckload Market with the Coyote Curve

The U.S. truckload market is massive, fragmented and dynamic, making difficult for shippers and carriers to manage its ups and downs.

This free index can help you navigate the market's chaos.

Shippers have to contend with 3 cycles, running simultaneously.

1. The Seasonal Demand Cycle
2. The Annual Procurement Cycle
3. The Market Capacity Cycle

The third is the key to understanding the market.

But how do you measure it?

We combined over 15 years of Coyote's proprietary transactional data with market insights to create the Coyote Curve, a forecasting model for supply chain planning.

It can help your business measure the market capacity cycle.

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Video Transcript

The U.S. Truckload Market can be chaotic.

For starters, it’s massive.

It’s also extremely fragmented.

This dynamic causes volatility in both truckload pricing and capacity.

In short: the market can be difficult to navigate.

Adding to the complexity, there are 3 market cycles, running simultaneously.

Two of those cycles, the seasonal demand cycle and the annual procurement cycle, are easy to observe and relatively consistent.

The third — the market capacity cycle — is the key to understanding the trucking industry.

It is also the hardest to measure.

However, with the right data, and the right insight, it is possible to cut through the noise.

By analyzing over a decade of Coyote’s proprietary transactional data against specific indicators, we identified a reoccurring pattern to the market’s chaos.

We call it the Coyote Curve. It’s a truckload market forecasting model that can help guide your supply chain strategy.

Visit the Coyote Resource Center to get the latest forecast and find out where we are in the current cycle.