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The Metrics That Matter: Supply Chain KPI Research

Find out how 1,500 of your peers set, manage and use their supply chain data for better operations.

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What shippers & carriers really think about supply chain KPIs

Research Study At A Glance

The ability to implement a data-driven shipping strategy can be the difference between a resilient supply chain and losing customers.

To help set your strategy, tap into insights from decision makers. We asked 997 shippers and 683 carriers, across all business sizes and industries, what they think about logistics KPIs. 

Find out how your peers are managing their supply chain data.

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In this study, you'll learn: 

  • What KPIs matter the most to shippers & carriers
  • The technology & processes your peers are using to manage KPIs
  • Data-backed industry benchmarks for the top KPIs
  • How to use data to form strategic relationships with your freight providers


Study Abstract & Preview

Never before has there been a greater focus on the importance of freight shipping.

Never before has freight shipping been more volatile.

For better and for worse, “supply chain” has become a topic of constant conversation at both kitchen and boardroom tables. 

In this uncertain environment, businesses must make do with the resources they have, and their supply chain data can be one of the most valuable tools at their disposal.

shipper self-assessment on supply chain kpi abilities


Download Full KPI Research Study Now


But What's A Good Logistics KPI Benchmark?

Most businesses are collecting data by setting and tracking key performance indicators, or KPIs.

According to this study, 83% of shippers agree KPIs are an essential part of sound supply chain management. But how do you know if your KPIs are out of sync with the reality of the market? 

78% of shippers and  74% of carriers want a set supply chain industry standard for KPIs that everyone can agree on.

It’s time to benchmark the benchmarks. To measure the measurements. To standardize the standards.

We want to give you a quantitative analysis of how businesses like yours are setting and managing their supply chain KPIs.

View and download the full study below.