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Is the Supply Chain Being Automated How COVID 19 Changed Shipping Forever

Supply chain automation. Big data. Digital transformation. These themes come up over and over again, but how are businesses actually applying these in their supply chain operations?

How are decision-makers investing their budgets? Where are they buying technology and where do they prefer people? How do they balance the two?

In 2019 we asked these questions in an original research study. In 2021, we asked them again. In this session, originally recorded for the recent CSCMP Edge event, Coyote’s Chief People Officer walks through the results of the recent original study.

Get insights from over 850 supply chain decision-makers. Learn how and where to use technology in your business, no matter what your shipping network looks like.


Carmen Smith, Chief People Officer, Coyote Logistics

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Which digital tools and platforms businesses use
  • Where to invest in logistics technology
  • If people became or less important to operations
  • Trends in 2021 vs. the 2019 study

Read the full research study: Supply Chain Automation Research: How to Balance People & Technology in a Post-COVID World.


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