How Your Needs Drive Innovation in Supply Chain Technology

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

  • “I don’t have full visibility to my supply chain.”
  • “Forecasting in this market feels impossible.”
  • “My supply chain operations are complex and don’t fit into some of the one-size-fits-all solutions offered by my 3PL providers.” 

Whether your organization is shipping two trucks per month, or 100 per week, you’ve likely felt the stress of moving goods in this fast-paced, volatile market.

For nearly 15 years, Coyote has been working with thousands of shippers who encounter these challenges on a daily basis. And since day one, we have been using technology to try and help them solve it, whether with BAZOOKA®, our proprietary internal system, or CoyoteGO®, our digital freight platform for shippers and carriers. 



That's why we strive to take a customer-centric approach to drive logistics technology roadmaps and implement your feedback to our supply chain software on a day-to-day basis.

One overarching message we’ve received from our customers’ is that for innovation to be truly impactful, it must cater to the individual. Knowing there is not a one-size-fits-all solution, Coyote provides a multitude of channels and tools for our shippers and carriers to interact based on what works for them.

Whether it’s online, on an app, via API or EDI, on the phone, via e-mail, or in person, we strive to create a truly omni-channel experience for customers like you. 



In order to make the best operational decisions possible and service your own customers, you need to know with more accuracy when your shipments are going to arrive.

Because of this, Coyote has been investing substantially in developing Exception Management tools and Predictive Service Disruption algorithms, which gives you visibility into potential service issues long before they occur. This will allow you to pivot your strategies and remain as agile as possible.



To be able to plan for future supply chain operations, it’s crucial to understand the peaks and troughs of the freight market. The more your company can accurately forecast these market fluctuations, the easier it will be to navigate potential disruptions across your supply chain.

One of the biggest benefits of Coyote’s unique centralized network model is the constant data and insights we have collected over time—including our proprietary pricing model, the Coyote Curve®—to help our customers preemptively plan for market trends and shifts.

Proactively managing supply chain costs is one of the best ways to protect your company’s bottom line. To assist you in maintaining these costs, Coyote has developed machine-learning based tools to better forecast transactional truck pricing.

Our combination of proprietary data sets helps us identify key market trends so we’re able to more accurately and quickly provide digital quotes for you. This instantaneous process allows you to move your products faster and accelerate your freight flows better than ever before.



Over the years, as consumer behaviors and expectations have evolved, our customer-centric model has remained consistent. By listening to and implementing your business needs, we will continue to create solutions with and for you to earn your trust and loyalty.


"Our mission remains to provide the best service experience possible as we work to create solutions for our customers’ problems."

Coyote Chief Technology Officer


For more information about our customer-driven technology solutions, click here.

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