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Turn Your Private Fleet Deadhead Into Revenue With Coyote

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While using a private or dedicated fleet gives you greater control over your supply chain operations, that guaranteed capacity comes at a price.

Drivers, equipment, and dedicated contracts aren’t cheap, and they’re sunk costs. Every time a driver returns from a warehouse, distribution center or retail store empty, it’s a wasted opportunity.

The good news is you own that capacity—whether you leverage it to generate revenue to help sustain your fleet operation is up to you.

Coyote Logistics can help. With over 10,000 loads from more than 14,000 shippers available every day, we have the network density to source the right opportunities for your business.

With over ten years of fleet experience and a specialized team, we have the expertise to seamlessly implement inbound revenue into your daily operations.


"Our relationship is symbiotic. Coyote adds value to our business by eliminating empty miles and adding additional revenue, and we add value to Coyote and their customers’ businesses by moving their freight. It’s a really clean and simple process.”

- Manager of Transportation Systems for a major American brewing company


Are you looking to turn your fleet's deadhead into a consistent source of profit?

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