Reducing High (Tire) Pressure with Custom Supply Chain Solutions

December 4, 2018

Overall, the team agreed, between the on-site Coyote representative and the driver quality that was procured for the project, the project went great. In addition to the vital on-site contact, Coyote was able to assist with the delays in our loading and unloading procedures causing disruptions across our network. By recognizing and addressing these issues during the project, we were able to implement best practices for similar projects going forward.

– Regional Transportation Manager, a national auto tire distributor


  • Established tire distribution company
  • Operating over 30 distribution centers
  • Serving dealers in the continental U.S.


To properly stage a new warehouse, this shipper needed to move a high-volume of inventory in a short period of time without disrupting their normal supply chain demands.


With the help of carefully selected carriers and Coyote on-site support, over 55,000 tires were moved in just four days.


Seasonal projects can often be one of the biggest pain points for shippers in the truckload market. With a primary business focus on long-term growth, sudden operational needs can pose a challenge, especially when it comes to properly staging and successfully implementing them on short notice.

For one national tire distribution company, a relocation of their inventory to a new warehousing facility served as a disruption to their typical regional operations. In September 2018, this 100-year old company was put in a unique situation when they were faced with opening their new distribution center in Arizona. To properly stage inventory levels at the new location, over 270 shipments needed to be moved in under four days from their Phoenix location in order to meet the demands of their customer base.

With flexibility and efficiency being a top priority, this national tire distributor knew they needed to partner with a new 3PL provider who could offer them superior carrier procurement and tracking capabilities, as well as provide much needed on-site support to execute this complex and time-sensitive project. 

Following a comprehensive bidding process, Coyote Logistics was selected as the primary provider to service the project. Our ability to procure a wide array of reliable, regional carriers, as well as provide expert on-site representatives to help oversee day-to-day operations, served as the driving factors for the distributor selecting Coyote.

To accomplish this large facility relocation, we modeled a custom solution based off our holiday Peak Season support. What does that entail? When we support UPS’s overflow of ground parcel business, a dedicated pool of contracted carriers is employed, along with on-site Coyote representatives. This model, which helps us match over 12,200 loads per day during Peak, served this project well by providing a single point-of-contact to oversee the unique requirements of this inventory transfer.  

With hourly driver check-ins and daily carrier performance reviews carried out by the Coyote on-site support, the project team was not overextended for the duration of the project. Instead, core efforts could remain concentrated on managing operations of move, including preparing for next day scheduled moves. 

The support that Coyote provided tapped into the benefits of our large, diverse network and expertise – allowing us to configure a solution that kept them focused on their day-to-day operations while we helped manage their short-term capacity needs.” – Nick Bochat, Sales Director

At the conclusion of the project, over 55,000 tires had been moved between Wednesday and Saturday night. In addition to successfully completing the project, we were able to help identify issues in the customer’s loading and unloading procedures that were causing delays during move operations.

To reinforce the project’s success, the regional transportation manager went on to say that, “Our team had nothing but positive things to say about their on-site support. They were high energy and did everything necessary to smooth out any potential issue that may have come up to help keep us moving.”


As a result of our collaboration, the distributor’s continued growth and expansion over time can be supported through the replication of similar custom solutions in their supply chain. With our ability to scale operations regardless of market conditions or project need, and provide on-site or remote expertise, we look forward to revolutionizing tire distribution with our new valued shipper for years to come.

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