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Congratulations to the 2020 Carriers of the Year

Dedication to excellent service is praiseworthy in any year, but with the incredible challenges brought on by the global pandemic, carriers like you truly stepped up in 2020. 

Throughout one of the most challenging years in recent history, the trucking industry kept shelves stocked and people fed. For that, we owe our entire carrier network a sincere debt of gratitude.

Despite last year’s challenges, 22 carriers went above and beyond, providing nearly perfect service to stand out as the best in Coyote’s network.

To honor their commitment to excellence, we proudly recognize them as the 2020 Carriers of the Year!

Below, we highlight each carrier — ranging from owner-operator to national LTL fleet — and get their insight on how they became an award-winning business.


Introducing the 2020 Carriers of the Year

Congratulations to these 22 outstanding members of the Coyote network!

  1. Alexanders Transportation, Inc.
  2. American Dream Logistics, Inc.
  3. AmeriFreight, Inc.
  4. Bettaway Beverage Distributors, Inc.
  5. Ed Lewis Trucking, Inc.
  6. Elgin Motor Freight, Inc.
  7. Ezequiel Cruz Munoz
  8. Ferrara Transportation, Inc.
  9. Greenway Carriers, LLC
  10. JP Logistics, Inc.
  11. Lobo Express
  12. Local Haul Express, LLC
  13. Mad River Transportation, Inc.
  14. Midwest Express, Inc.
  15. Mitchener Transport LLC
  16. North American Transport Services, LLC
  17. Old Hickory Logistics, A Performance Food Group Company
  18. Power Transport, LLC
  19. SB Transportation, Inc.
  20. Simbeck, Inc.
  21. Texas International Enterprises, Inc.
  22. Toroco Trucking


Alexanders Transportation, Inc.

Taylor, Alexanders Transportation’s Coyote rep, described working with owner Rodney Alexander as a huge pleasure.

She praised the Alexanders fleet of five trucks for having an incredible work ethic and great attitude day in and day out and described their service and communication as second to none.

My team and I have been with Coyote Logistics for over 10 years now. Winning this award is extremely special to me and my team — we truly grew with Coyote Logistics and went from a 2 truck operation to a full on Fleet Carrier service.

The relationship I have with Coyote Logistics and their staff is truly special. 

To any carriers seeking to become an award winning business, my advice would be to stay committed to providing great and consistent customer service and to take pride on every load you move for Coyote Logistics."

- Rodney Alexander, Owner of Alexanders Transportation


American Dream Logistics, Inc.

Bik Pannu of American Dream Logistics with Coyote rep, Carlos

Bik Pannu of American Dream Logistics with Coyote rep, Carlos in 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is the second year in a row that American Dream Logistics won the Carrier of the Year award.

Their team sees no job as too small or too big, and they’ve successfully incorporated Coyote’s technology into their daily operations to maximize efficiency.

Their rep, Carlos, described American Dream Logistics as always willing to help in any way they can, and really appreciates the relationship and trust he has built with their team over the years working together.


AmeriFreight, Inc.

Two-time Carrier of the Year winner, AmeriFreight, continues to grow both their business and relationship with Coyote.

Their rep, Devin, says their success comes from his strong relationship with their dispatchers and AmeriFreight’s integration of Coyote’s technology into their operations.

We’re honored to be recognized as a Carrier of the Year for second time in a row! We truly cherish our relationship with Coyote and always do our best to provide the highest level of customer service in order to keep growing together.

Special thanks to our rep, Devin, who is always around and ready to get the right answers quickly.

- Jason Stoykov, Midwest Region Coordinator at AmeriFreight


Bettaway Beverage Distributors, Inc. 

Bettaway’s Coyote rep, Ryan, described them as a “true collaborator since 2014”.

He attributes their success to their commitment to making their drivers happy through contractually dedicated freight with Coyote, and their commitment to covering challenging lanes.

Bettaway went right into the heart of New York City during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, hauling multiple loads each day to help keep the city stocked with vital supplies.

“Coyote Logistics is one of the industry’s most respected and successful transportation brokerage operations.

We are pleased that the Bettaway team was able to deliver on Coyote’s high standards of performance and meet the needs of their shipper-customers with consistent quality service.

Considering that Coyote works with thousands of trucking providers annually, we’re proud to be recognized as one of their elite performers for 2020.”

- Jessica Seiffert, Bettaway


Ed Lewis Trucking, Inc. 

Ed Lewis Trucking, with 85 trucks, has run UPS loads with Coyote for years, cementing them as a valued provider for Coyote.

Their rep, Krystian, attributes their success to their commitment to providing great service, consistent shipment visibility, and working with us to find the best lanes to fit their networks needs.


Elgin Motor Freight, Inc.

Coyote rep, Adam, attributes “service, communication, and organization are what makes this carrier top notch” over his 10 years working with Elgin Motor Freight.

He loves how respectful everyone at their company is, and is excited to grow our relationship over the years to come.


Ezequiel Cruz Munoz

Gil is the one man show of Ezequiel Cruz Munoz.

According to his Coyote rep, Bobby, Gil always has his back with Coyote freight and is an amazing family man. “Its been a pleasure working with him for the past four years.”

Winning this award means everything to me. Long hours and hard works - its great to see it pay off.

-Gil Jimenez, Ezequiel Cruz Munos


Ferrara Transportation, Inc.

Sam and Nichol of Ferrara Transportation have worked with Coyote rep, Bill, for a few years.

Bill credits Ferraras success to being consistent, reliable, and focused on being on-time. Bill continued, “I hope this relationship grows and continues for many years to come!” 

To be an award-winning business there are two important factors: commitment and service. You have to be able to keep your commitments and provide the very best service to your customers while also developing strong business relationships.

Working with our Coyote rep, Bill, has made this a simple process for us knowing exactly what our commitment and service levels are. We look forward to future growth with Coyote!

- Sam Ferrara, Ferrara Transportation


Greenway Carriers, LLC

Greenway Carriers, with a fleet of 29 trucks, takes great care of every load they haul with Coyote.

Their rep, Alex, has worked with Greenway for almost a decade, and describes their team as loyal, honest, and hardworking. “There is a reason they are on this list", said Alex, "we have been working together for almost a decade and both parties have each other’s back."

Our drivers are the nuts and bolts that hold our company together. Doing what you say youre going to do will make you a top notch carrier. Always being up front and honest means more than money.

-Ethan Mettlen, Dispatch at Greenway Carriers


JP Logistics, Inc.

JP Logistics started with Coyote running power-only lanes and have since become very active in supporting UPS Peak Season efforts.

Devin, their Coyote rep, attributes their success to excellent communication and a commitment to providing top-notch service on every load.

Get the best drivers and committed office people, use the newest possible technology to provide great customer service and it will come to you in no time!

Being recognized as a Carrier of the Year is the proof of a valued relationship and also the proof that we are doing something right!

-Matt Mincevicius, Dispatch


Lobo Express

Teodoro, the owner of Lobo Express, started working with Coyote back in 2018.

His Coyote rep, Carlos, had a mission to get Teodoro on a dedicated lane for 5 days a week so he could be spend time with his family on the weekends.

Carlos described Teodoro as, “Truly a gem of a human being,” and attributes his success to Teodoros incredible work ethic and use of Coyote technology to track shipments and manage payments.

Being recognized as a Carrier of the Year is an outstanding achievement. I am happy to realize that my efforts have paid off.

I am grateful to Coyote for allowing me to work with them and for Carlos, my rep, always helping me understand Coyotes technology and making me feel like family.

I look forward to working with this exceptional group of people so that I can continue to give my one hundred percent and more.

- Teodoro Galaviz, Owner of Lobo Express


Local Haul Express, LLC

Local Haul Express is a six-truck operation. Their Coyote rep, Steven, describes them as as incredibly loyal and reliable and spoke of the owner, Mike, as someone he can always count on to get the job done well.

Being selected as a Carrier of the Year out of all the carriers Coyote works with is an honor. To have your work recognized in such a way makes you realize that doing the best that you can do for every customer is worth it.

Its all about providing the best service possible. Being a reliable carrier and going above and beyond what needs to be done is what all our customers deserve to have.

- Michael Harman, Local Haul Express


Mad River Transportation, Inc.

Mad River Transportation with a fleet of 29 trucks has worked with their Coyote rep, Krystian, to grow their relationship with us and their fleet.

Krystian describes Mad River as, "Providing great service and a carrier who should 100% be recognized for their efforts."

Its certainly been a challenging year in an already challenging business, being recognized by Coyote as one of their best carriers helps to validate all of our hard work.

My advice to other carriers is to hire the absolute best people you can find and make it their mission to keep the customer happy.

-Martin Warner, Operations Manager at Mad River Transportation


Midwest Express, Inc.

Midwest Express is a fleet of 50 trucks and has been working with Coyote for six years.

Their rep, Ashley, described them as, “Hands down the best carrier to work with — they are there for Coyote all year-round.”

Here at Midwest Express we strive to be the best, and in order to do that we need to have strong relationships with companies like Coyote Logistics.

95 % of Coyote loads that we take are driver-friendly, which is something that carriers are looking for every day. 

Our drivers are top notch and are some of the best in the business. We are very excited to be recognized as a carrier of the year and look forward to working with Coyote for years to come.

- Dennis Terry Jr, Operations Manager at Midwest Express


Mitchener Transport LLC

This is the second year in a row that Mitchener Transport has been recognized as a Carrier of the Year.

Their rep, Christian, described them as "fantastic to work with" because they are excellent communicators and are committed to providing consistent visibility when hauling Coyote freight.

With so many carriers out there, this business can be challenging sometimes. We know that providing excellent and reliable service is what makes us stand out from the crowd and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver on that promise.

Our Coyote rep, Christian, is fantastic to work with and is always available when needed. Without his outstanding support, winning this award wouldnt be possible.

Working with Coyote has been an excellent experience since day one and we look forward to continuing to work together in the years to come!

- Robbie Mitchener, Mitchener Transportation


North American Transport Services, LLC

North American Transport Services — or NATS as their rep, Iden, calls them — has worked with Coyote for many years.

Over the past two years, Iden and the NATS team drastically grew their relationship by matching them with more freight opportunities and connecting their fleet to Coyote via EDI for nearly perfect shipment visibility.

It is my pleasure to represent NATS and receive Carrier of the Year award on behalf of my team. This award represents the accomplishment of our goals and the industry standards required.

Its a result of hard teamwork between us and Coyote. We developed a relationship based on communication and understanding each other's needs and capacity.

- Franklin Fontanills, Operations Manager at North American Transport Services


Old Hickory Logistics, A Performance Food Group Company

Old Hickory Logistics, part of Performance Food Group, worked with Coyote in 2020, starting in March.

In one short and very tumultuous year, they proved themselves to be a top-notch carrier in our network,  and the only private fleet to be recognized with a 2020 Carrier of the Year award.

Early into the pandemic, they hauled 70 pallets of donated frozen food to New York City.

Throughout the rest of the year, Performance Food Group fleets participated in a wide variety of programs including UPS Peak Season, power only runs, and Coyotes new dynamic route optimization program.

Their Coyote rep, Dylan, described them as incredibly hard working and a pleasure to work with every day.

We were pleased to work in cooperation with Coyote, who normally provides transportation services into our distribution centers, and have them utilize our large private fleet to help keep groceries flowing across our country during the height of the pandemics disruptions.

- Andy Long, Vice President of Supply Chain Management at Performance Food Group


Power Transport, LLC

Power Transport is a large fleet of 130 trucks. Their rep, Clawson, describes their relationship as a, "Strong relationship based on excellent communication and a commitment to providing unparalleled service."

Winning this years award means our teams efforts and commitment to service met the expectations of Coyote and your customers.

It is a privilege to be recognized by a proven leader in the industry like Coyote. Power Transport values its relationship with Coyote and we look forward to developing future opportunities that serve the needs of both companies.

- Mark Laine, Operations Manager at Power Transport


SB Transportation, Inc.

Matt, SB Transportations rep, describes owner-operator, Alex, as incredibly proactive in issue resolution and dedicated to providing excellent service for every load he hauls for us: “Alex takes professionalism to another level, and I am incredibly lucky to work with him every day.”

The best advice I have for anyone seeking to have an award winning business is to do what you love. Always learn from any mistakes and carry forward with your head up.

The Coyote Logistics Carrier of the Year award is a proud accomplishment for my business and myself. It shows that my hard efforts are noticed and motivates me to keep bettering not only my business, but myself.

- Alex Bashlov, Owner of SB Transportation


Simbeck, Inc.

Simbeck has a fleet of 59 trucks. Their rep, Clawson, described them as incredibly timely and excellent communicators: “Simbeck is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure customers are satisfied.”

By winning this award creates a great feeling of pride and accomplishment throughout our entire business from management to dispatch, to drivers.

This award represents a pat on the back for a job well done. The advice I would give to other carriers is to only commit to the loads that you know you can pick up and deliver at the times specified.

In the new era of just-in-time deliveries, customers do not want excuses. To become an award-winning business, you must maintain a high level of integrity.

- Richard Lloyd, VP/CEO of Simbeck


Texas International Enterprises, Inc.

Alex, Texas International Enterprises Coyote rep, credits their success to their commitment to hitting high service KPIs and providing awesome customer service.

Said Alex, "Texas International Enterprises is incredibly hard working,, and are committed to doing the right thing every time.”


Toroco Trucking

Toroco Trucking has a fleet of 51 trucks, and are import/export specialists for cross-border shipments over the U.S./Mexico border. 

Their Coyote rep Zach described them as reliable, year-round providers. He credits their success to their usage of CoyoteGO®, as well as their commitment to providing consistent shipment visibility during transit.

Our Toroco Family is filled us with pride to be recognized by Coyote Logistics for our daily efforts and dedication.

This means that our way of working is giving positive results. As we always say, 'Our commitment is to help your business reach its goals.

- Rocio Hernandez, Toroco Trucking


22 Award Winners, Thousands of Valued Carriers

Thank you to our 2020 Carriers of the Year for going above and beyond.

We are so proud to have you in our network and are excited to grow our relationships for years to come!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the thousands of carriers in our network for their dedication to excellence in an incredibly challenging year.

You helped keep stores stocked and people fed in the face of a global emergency, delivering critical supplies as a reliable link in the global supply chain.

On behalf of the entire Coyote Logistics team, thank you for everything that you do.


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