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UPS Options for Network Carriers

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As a carrier in the Coyote marketplace, you have access to more than 10,000 loads from over 14,000 shippers every day.

In addition to standard freight, our network carriers can take advantage of Coyote’s relationship with UPS and tap into additional growth opportunities.


Dedicated UPS Freight Opportunities: Overview

Though there are a few different types of UPS freight available to Coyote network carriers, most every UPS opportunity will have all of the following: 

  • Freight is power only (once the initial trailer pool is established)
  • Freight is drop and hook at both shipper and receiver to save your driver's time
  • Option to use your own trailers or lease trailers through Coyote
  • Annual, seasonal, project-based and ad hoc dedicated opportunities 
  • Supported 24/7 by Coyote's specialized UPS operations teams 
  • Coyote’s technology provides automated booking, tracking and invoicing


3 Types of Dedicated UPS Freight Opportunities

We offer three types of dedicated UPS freight opportunities. See which works best for your business:

Carrier Direct
  • From Amazon Fulfillment Centers to UPS hubs
  • Local, regional and long-haul/team driver freight
  • Consistent load volume with planned schedules sent in advance
  • Opportunities for additional ad hoc freight opportunities
  • Volume surges around the holidays
Direct Ship
  • Enterprise shipments for 90+ customers to UPS hubs
  • Regional lanes and long-haul team driver lanes
  • Daily power only, round trip loads generate ad hoc quoting requests
  • Diverse and widespread network demand
  • Periodic seasonal volume surge opportunities
Purchased Transportation
  • UPS hub to UPS hub
  • Local, regional and long-haul team driver lanes
  • Power only, one way UPS loads with access to Coyote’s network for backhaul opportunities
  • Consistent annual load volumes
  • Optional surge volume available at the end of the month
  • Hazmat opportunities available


Want to Get Dedicated on UPS Freight? 

As a UPS company, Coyote can bring you even more opportunities to keep your trucks rolling, keep your drivers happy and keep your fleet growing. Just ask Luis Mejia of Coria Trucking, whose fleet grew 5x due to a steady stream of Coyote and UPS freight.

To learn more about accessing UPS freight opportunities, give us a little information and find out if UPS freight is a match for your business.

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