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Coyote Now Offers Instant API Quotes, Canadian Credit Card Payments for Canada Freight

We’re excited to share two new ways we’re making shipping freight with Coyote north of the border easier than ever.

We’ve improved the user experience for Canada-based shippers who want to quote, book and pay without wasting valuable time or resources.

Learn your new options for getting an instant, accurate quote for cross-border or domestic Canada shipments and explore the new credit card payment opportunities available for Canadian businesses.


Real-Time Quotes for Canada Freight

Our real-time pricing API now covers shipments to or from Canada for both truckload and LTL freight.

What does that mean for the cross-border shipper? You’re now just a couple clicks away from accessing an instant, market-accurate quote in any of three places:

And if you're a CoyoteGO user, there’s more good news — you can now choose to have pricing displayed in either U.S. or Canadian dollars. The Quote & Ship interface in our digital freight platform will clearly indicate your choice when you’re viewing rates so you can always be certain you’re seeing the specific information you need.

Explore this new capability via your quoting method of choice today and get a real-time spot quote for your next international shipment.


Canadian Credit Cards Now Accepted

We’ve also made it easier for shippers based in Canada to settle their accounts and pay with ease.

International credit cards are now a valid method of paying for freight in CoyoteGO. This means that whichever side of the border your business does its banking on, you’ll be able to instantly pay digitally in our digital freight platform.

If you’ve been hesitant to pay for freight via international wire transfer before, you now have a much simpler option with no additional fees beyond those from your own credit card company.

Find Out All We Offer Cross-Border Shippers

Whether you’re moving freight into or out of Canada or Mexico, we can build a custom shipping solution that meets your unique needs.

Read about everything we offer cross-border shippers and talk to one of our logistics specialists to start planning your next international move.

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