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2023 Carriers of the Year: 14 Companies Who Stepped Up & Stood Out

2023 coyote logistics carriers of the year

Carriers and 3PLs alike faced incredibly strong market headwinds in 2023. In an environment that challenging, it’s vital to know who really has your back — and to show your appreciation for it.

We’re excited to announce our 2023 Carriers of the Year, 14 companies whose commitment to both providing top-tier service and maintaining clear and consistent communication helped them stand apart from the rest.

We know we only succeed as far as the carriers who power our network take us, so we offer our thanks — plus a few perks — to the ones at the front of the pack.

Meet the 2023 Carriers of the Year

Congratulations to these 14 outstanding members of the Coyote network!

Owner-Operator of the Year

Hargrove’s Trucking LLC

Willie Hargrove’s dedication to on-time service for every customer is what every broker dreams of in an owner-operator.

Willie upheld his commitments to haul freight with us through very challenging market conditions in 2023, and his excellent communication and reliability received high praise from some of our biggest customers. We are grateful for all the work Willie has done for Coyote over the years and we’re proud to give him the recognition he deserves.

Small Fleet of the Year

Tri Transport LLC

tri transportTri Transport has been a staple of service and consistency in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for years, and it’s fitting that they be recognized as a 2023 Carrier of the Year.

In a year that has been difficult for the industry, Tri has found a way to consistently win business with their commitment to service and openness to new opportunities. It’s a pleasure to work with the Tri team daily and we look forward to continued growth in 2024.

Mid-Size Fleet of the Year

Hoffman Transport

hoffman transportHoffman Transport has been an incredibly reliable carrier in our network over the past several years. They run two different dedicated lanes with near perfect service, proactively communicating issues as they come.

Their dispatching team is quick to respond and always available to connect even when they’re busy. They also streamline a lot of their work by using our digital freight portal CoyoteGO® to get lumpers turned in and reported so we can easily get them reimbursed that same day. Thanks to the Hoffman Transport team for all their hard work and effort they put into servicing shippers’ freight.

“Coyote helps us find quality, consistent freight wherever we need it. The CoyoteGO platform is very convenient and self-explanatory, and our rep Matt is very responsive.”

- Chris Hoffman, Hoffman Transport

Large Fleet of the Year

ProSport Express, Inc

prosport expressProSport may be located just down the road from our Chicago headquarters, but their network extends coast to coast.

With more than 200 power units and 400 dura plate trailers in their fleet, they prioritize flexibility, value, cost savings and efficient asset utilization for all customers they serve. They even dabble in open deck and refrigerated as well.

The volume of freight we help them source makes us one of their largest overall customers, and we’re proud to continue growing this relationship while they consistently deliver for the shippers in our network.

“Coyote’s transparency and accountability helps them stand out from other brokers. We love how CoyoteGO is easy to navigate and how our rep is always there to help when we need it.”

- Dan Soare, ProSport Express

Outstanding Refrigerated Carrier

Farr Transport, Inc.

farr transportFarr Transport, Inc. is a small but mighty contributor to our carrier network, a family-run business with a fleet of 12 tractors.

Farr's exceptional on-time pick-up and delivery rates above 95% demonstrate their commitment to fulfilling shippers’ transportation requirements and the indispensable service they provide, while their unparalleled communication with shippers, receivers and Coyote reps sets them apart. We greatly value and appreciate them for the vital role they’ve played in upholding our customers' business and relationships.

“The load board is a breeze to use and I personally love that you have the ability to input multiple locations at once.”

- Jamie Farr, Far Transport

Outstanding Final Mile & Expedited Carrier

Panther Premium Logistics 

panther premium logisticsIn 2023, Panther Premium Logistics was the premier expedited provider in our network when it came to executing the most critical moves for shippers nationwide.

They brought their high standard of excellence to multiple modes of expedited shipments and assisted us in quoting well beyond that number. They are consistently a reliable source for capacity and a staple of our final mile offering as well.

“I genuinely appreciate how Kyle has taken the time to understand Panther’s operations, capabilities and target customers.”

- Tom Demetsenare, Panther Premium Logistics

Mexico Carrier of the Year

THR International

A new carrier in 2023, THR International rapidly demonstrated their commitment and capability to become key to our success for Mexico freight.

They exemplified the collaborative spirit in which we love to grow relationships with the carriers in our network, expanding their engagement from 5 loads per week to 20 by the end of the year in challenging market conditions — all with stellar on-time pick-up and delivery rates. Here’s to further successful growth together in 2024. 

Canada Carrier of the Year

Charger Logistics

charger logisticsOperating out of Mississauga, ON, Charger Logistics exemplifies everything a provider (and their customers) look for in a carrier.

They moved 433 loads with us in 2023 with an incredible 98% on-time service rate, and their communication was tops among their peers. Through it all, they provided consistent, reliable capacity and made great use of technology to maintain their efficiency while moving a high volume of business. They are our go-to expert for cross-border Canada needs, including service down to Mexico. We’re thankful that they always bring their A-game to every load.

“Our rep Liz treats us with respect and works with us on getting the best loads and rates for our assets.”

- Jason Guilfoyle, Charger Logistics

Outstanding Intermodal Provider

COFC Logistics, LLC

cofc logisticsCOFC Logistics is an intermodal equipment provider (IEP) and core contributor to our intermodal offerings.

We’ve seen our relationship grow with COFC since 2018, and as of 2023 they moved approximately 20% of our shippers’ domestic rail shipments. How did they do it? With fair rate negotiations, outstanding service scores, and reliable equipment availability. They even go the extra mile with their consistent willingness to host training sessions for our reps. We look forward further shared success on the rails this year.

“We’ve developed a respectful and collaborative relationship With Coyote over the years. Together, we excel at identifying opportunities which are mutually beneficial, and Coyote’s intermodal team is creative in developing unique solutions using our network to meet their customers’ needs.”

- Garry Old, COFC Logistics

Open Deck Carrier of the Year

Melton Truck Lines

melton truck linesEvery year, Melton Truck Lines distinguishes itself as a standout open deck carrier in our network in terms of both volume and service.

In 2023, they more than doubled the number of loads they hauled with us in 2022, servicing a wide variety of customers to the high professional standards we’ve come to expect from them over the 12+ years we’ve been working together. We are proud of the size and scope of the open deck carrier network we’ve built and continue to develop, and Melton truly sets the standard each of those carriers should aspire to.

“Our rep Ryan knows the lanes that work well for Melton and our drivers. He also provides clear communication on the details we need for successful pick-up and delivery in order to provide quality service for Coyote’s customers.”

- Jennifer Moore, Melton Truck Lines

Top Private Fleet

MedTrans LLC

medlineWhen a major shipper such as Medline Industries operates a private fleet, they ask providers like us to help them manage expenses and enhance operational efficiency by securing backhaul freight.

MedTrans is the interstate carrier incorporated by Medline, hauling outside freight with their equipment during periods when they’re not engaged in transporting their own cargo. They’ve found considerable success utilizing our technology and working with our reps to secure new routes. The shipments we facilitated for MedTrans this year exemplify the benefits achievable when two forward-thinking companies communicate transparently and problem-solve collaboratively.

“The Coyote team and our rep take the time to understand our needs, and we work together to find solutions for our fleet. When and if an issue arises, they are ready and able to help find solutions.”

- Larry Mertz, MedTrans

LTL  Carrier of the Year

ABF Freight

abf freight2023 saw more volatility and challenges than usual across the LTL landscape, and LTL carriers faced those pressures alongside non-asset providers like Coyote.

As a carrier with national reach, ABF Freight demonstrated time and again both a steady hand and an unparalleled collaborative spirit as they worked closely with us in growing out our LTL portfolio. They’re a pillar of our LTL coverage across the U.S., and we’re proud to thank them as our LTL Carrier of the Year for 2023.

Carrier Relations Awards

We’re highlighting two additional carriers this year for simply being outstanding and reliable collaborators regardless of their cargo, lane or customer. 

MLT Trans, Inc. 

MLT's service, proactive approach to problem-solving, and willingness to help us grow new markets helps enhance the value we offer customers every day. Their seamless communication and collaboration with our teams make them a top-notch contributor to our network.

WCT Logistics, LLC

wct logisticsWhile running some of the most time-sensitive and challenging freight we’ve found, WCT’s reliability stands out. Their excellent service score demonstrates their commitment to being a top provider in our network!

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