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UPS & Coyote Peak Season Content Links: Your 1-Stop Shop for Holiday Hauling Info

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We get it — Peak Season is a complex, hectic time of year, and there are countless details to keep in order as you navigate it.

Our Resource Center contains some great content that can help you hit the ground running and stay on the move until the end of the year, and we’re making it easier than ever for you to find it all.

We’ve collected links to all our Peak hauling content in this post to give you a one-stop shop of the information you’ll need to haul holiday freight with Coyote and UPS.

Bookmark this page to consult whenever you have a question this year or to refresh your memory in any Peak Season to come.

Coyote & UPS Peak Content for Carriers

Peak Season for Carriers 101

This is our most comprehensive post on hauling Peak Season freight with UPS and Coyote.

It’s all in here, from requirements for participating and important dates for Peak 2023 to testimonials from carriers who have had great experiences hauling Peak freight in years past.

Read Peak 101

Guide to Getting Started With Peak

Hauling Peak freight for the first time or just want a refresher? Follow these eight guidelines to set yourself up for a successful season.

Joining the Coyote network, signing up for TriumphPay, providing standout service and more can help you secure freight and get paid quickly this holiday season.

Read the Peak Hauling Guide 

6 Tips for Participating in Peak With Coyote

What do the most effective carriers do to earn high ratings and get awarded consistent Peak Season freight?

Flexibility, clear communication and reliable on-time performance are traits of a great Peak carrier. Learn how to develop and demonstrate them to build trust with UPS and Coyote.

Read the 6 Tips

5 Benefits of Participating in Peak

You know why UPS needs extra drivers on the road during Peak Season — but do you know what’s in it for you?

Learn the five biggest perks to participating in Peak with Coyote and UPS and see all that comes with this unique opportunity for steady income during the holiday season.

Read the 5 Benefits

Guide to Getting Paid During Peak

Here’s where we show you the money with the specific details about invoicing during Peak Season.

Make sure you know the process and you’ve signed up for TriumphPay if you want to get paid on time and keep the freight coming this year.

Read the Invoicing Guide

Trailer Repositioning Q&A

Peak Season isn’t just between Black Friday and New Year’s. It also includes pre- and post-peak trailer repositioning opportunities.

Learn more about trailer repositioning with Coyote in our Q&A and plan to fit this unique service opportunity into your operations.

Read About Trailer Repositioning

Ready to Haul This Peak Season?

With these resources in hand, you’re well on your way to taking part in another successful Peak Season with Coyote and UPS.

If you would like to participate in Peak Season this year, fill out the form below with your contact information and your freight preferences.

Get Started for Peak 2023