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CoyoteGO Carrier App Re-Launches with Updates to Meet User Needs

After combining more than six years of evolution and feedback from thousands of carriers, we are re-launching the CoyoteGO® carrier mobile app with updates that make it even easier to book loads, manage your fleet and provide shipment updates from your smartphone. 

The new CoyoteGO has been user-tested and refined based on carrier feedback to ensure it helps make your job easier and more efficient.

CoyoteGO Carrier App example


Building on a Strong Foundation

We launched CoyoteGO in 2013 as an extension of our digital freight platform to give carriers easy access to our free load board in the palm of their hands, wherever they are.

The CoyoteGO carrier app allows you to book, negotiate and schedule your loads from one free and easy-to-use mobile application.

According to CarrierLists, the original version of our digital freight matching app was the most regularly used 3PL load board app among surveyed carriers. 84% of those who downloaded it converted into regular users.

“We’re loving the CoyoteGO app in our daily search for loads.”

– Proveda Transportation


Join our 17,000 monthly active users when you download CoyoteGO in the App Store or get it on Google Play.


5 New CoyoteGO Carrier Mobile App Features


1. Experience all of your favorite features on an entirely new framework.

Faster and more reliable than ever, CoyoteGO is built on a new framework that supports all of your favorite existing features and key new additions to drive your business forward.


2. Customized in-app experiences for your role.

Now, CoyoteGO has separate views for drivers and dispatchers, complete with features customized to your role.


3. Dispatchers, Book Your Freight Your Way

Dispatchers will enjoy a fresh design that makes it easier than ever to find the right freight. Choose from more than 10,000 available daily loads with advanced searching and filtering tools to see only what's perfect for your fleet.

Plus, the new interactive map allows you to visualize your options.

That's not all: to book loads, you can negotiate with us directly in the app and get push notifications about your offers. Qualified carriers can also book loads instantly for the listed rate.

Assign drivers to the loads you book and get reload suggestions after each haul to help keep your trucks full and moving.

CoyoteGo App screenshot

4. Find freight using our dynamic, interactive map.

CoyoteGO’s new map view visualizes your journey at your fingertips. Manage your fleet or your route with our new intuitive tool. See it in action below.

CoyoteGo carrier app find freight using our dynamic, interactive map on


5. Drivers: Execute Each Load Flawlessly

Get everything you need for each haul in the palm of your hand. The new Driver view gives you visibility into all current and future load details.

Plus, it allows you to request fuel advances, report lumpers and provide one-click status updates or automated location updates (with location services enabled). 

CoyoteGo carrier app new driver view


Finished hauling a load? Submit paperwork and invoices and provide feedback after each haul with the redesigned facility ratings features  all in the app.


Digital Solutions, Expert Support

At Coyote, our digital solutions are backed up by expert support ready to help you develop a long-term freight strategy to drive your business forward.

As important as technology is, we know you need both the right digital tools and human expertise to succeed in this business.


See for yourself why thousands of carriers stick with CoyoteGO.



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