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Navigating Your Dashboard: Shipper’s Guide to CoyoteGO

Your Dashboard is the “homepage” of your CoyoteGO® experience. The features displayed on your dashboard help to optimize your experience, giving you faster access to the tools you use the most.  

CoyoteGO Shipper Dashboard

Here are the features available on your North American Dashboard widgets:

Each tool is designed to increase your efficiency and improve your user experience. Let’s quickly look at the functionality of each feature.   

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Quote & Ship

Input your shipping information and get a quote for truckload and less-than-truckload shipments.

You can get a new quote, re-quote a previous shipment or instantly build loads with any existing quotes (that are still active).

For a deeper dive, you can view a step-by-step tutorial on how to quote your freight and build shipments.

CoyoteGO Get a Shipment Quote

Saved Searches

Use this Dashboard tool to quickly navigate to your most commonly used load search criteria. You may add additional searches within the My Loads tool to customize your ability to search for loads quickly.

My Team

In CoyoteGO, the information you need is literally at your fingertips. Easily reference the contact information for your Coyote reps to reach out for support from logistics experts any time.

CoyoteGO Dashboard My Team

Fuel Surcharge

Every week, this graph automatically refreshes to reflect the current U.S. fuel surcharge. Keep up with the information you need to help plan for the week ahead and better anticipate your shipping costs. 

CoyoteGO Fuel Surcharge Graph

Utilizing Top Navigation

In addition to these Dashboard features, you can utilize your top navigation to explore the My Network dropdown menu, which contains Quote and Ship, My Loads Tracking, and My Facilities. You can also access the accounting tab from the top navigation bar.

Here a couple of noteworthy features available through the My Network dropdown menu.

My Facilities

With this feature, you can get real, honest feedback from carriers that deliver to, and pick up from your facilities. For every shipment, we prompt carriers in CoyoteGO to rate and review their experience, giving you insight into your operations.

Your facilities auto-populate on an interactive map and include up to two years of data. You can sort our database by name, star ratings and tags.

Learn more about the benefits of CoyoteGO facility reviews.

Coyote My Facilities, Carrier Facility Ratings Screen

Apply for Credit

Though you can pay for your shipments with a credit card, this feature — which can be found within Quote and Ship — allows you to apply for credit from Coyote within CoyoteGO and receive immediate notification of your approval status.

If you are approved for credit, you are eligible to receive services up to the approved credit amount and can start building your shipment immediately upon approval. You will be invoiced for any services provided.

If you are not instantly approved for credit in CoyoteGO, that does not necessarily mean we will not extend your business credit — you will receive a follow-up response from Coyote within one business day with more information.

CoyoteGO Build Shipment

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