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Paying for Your Shipments Digitally: Shipper’s Guide to CoyoteGO

CoyoteGO® makes reviewing charges and paying for your North American shipments fast and easy. 

If you choose to build a shipment yourself, you will be prompted to choose your payment type — you have three options:

  1. Pre-pay with credit card
  2. Use credit from Coyote
  3. Pay via direct transfer from a U.S.-based bank account

If you have enough Coyote credit available, you can build and book loads instantly (the Payment field in the Review section of your quote will tell you how much Coyote credit you are using).

Applying for Credit in CoyoteGO

If you do not have enough (or any) available Coyote credit to cover your shipment costs, you can apply for more in CoyoteGO by using the button on the Build Shipment checkout page.

This feature will generate an immediate notification of your approval status right after you apply.

If you are approved for credit, you are eligible to receive services up to the approved credit amount and can start building your shipment immediately upon approval. You will be invoiced for any services provided.

If you are not immediately approved for credit in CoyoteGO, that does not necessarily mean we will not extend your business credit — you will receive a follow-up response from Coyote within one business day with more information.

CoyoteGO Build Shipment

Settling Your Payments

When it comes to settling your payments, you have a net 30 day term from the issuance of your invoice to the time when funds are due.

You can pay your invoices directly within the CoyoteGO accounting page (under Financials in the top navigation menu) — just select a load and click Make a Payment. You can also access your invoice history to review all of your payments.

If you wish to review charges, tracking notes, or relevant documents before completing a payment, you can find everything you need on the Load Details page.

If you have any questions about payment and settlement, reach out to your Coyote team.

CoyoteGO Your Team

PRO TIP: While on the Load Details page, click the gear icon in the upper right corner, select the Coyote rep you wish to contact and ask your question for that specific load. You can also submit feedback by utilizing the Help section in the upper right dropdown menu.


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