How Facility Ratings Data Can Help You Ship Smarter

August 14, 2019

Visibility to an individual shipment is important. Visibility to your network is even better.

With My Facilities, available in, you can easily view performance metrics for your shipping and receiving locations. Powered by over 110,000 reviews we’ve collected over several years, this tool will help you spot bottlenecks that need some attention and identify top performers to emulate best practices.

Big Data Sets Give You Visibility Across Your Network

The more of your network you trust to Coyote, the more actionable data intelligence we can bring to your operations. With our centralized, continent-wide marketplace of over 70,000 carriers moving over 10,000 daily loads, we gather data to help you ship smarter—no matter where your lanes are moving.  


Drill Down into a Facility

When drivers and dispatchers check out of a pick up or delivery location in or our carrier mobile app, CoyoteGO, we give them the opportunity to provide feedback.

We ask carriers to:

  • Rate their experience (scale of 1-5)
  • Verify parking availability
  • Submit comments for additional feedback

We aggregate carrier ratings at a facility level and integrate it with other shipment data to provide you with:

  • Facility rating (scale of 1-5)
  • Driver perception of parking availability
  • Trending themes about what the facility is doing well
  • Trending themes that require improvement
  • Individual carrier comments to review
  • Average loading & unloading times
  • Average driver detention occurrence


Over 110,000 Reviews (and Counting)

New digital freight matching platforms have started to introduce facility rating functionality, but with a comparatively small marketplace and a shorter time horizon, those insights can only paint a portion of the picture. Coyote started gathering driver facility ratings in 2017 and we have been steadily increasing the tool’s functionality ever since.

The sheer size of our marketplace allows us to capture a lot of data—over 110,000 reviews as of August 15th, 2019. With thousands of carriers adding thousands of reviews every week, the insights we can bring you are only getting better.




Our centralized, proprietary system makes it easy to collect data. Your dedicated Coyote specialist will help make it easy to interpret it. We work closely with shippers to build custom reporting and KPIs, conduct benchmarking analysis to see how you stack up against other facilities in your region, and consult on best practices to translate carrier feedback into better shipping.


Data-Driven Optimizations In Practice

Talking about data and visibility is one thing—actually using them to drive concrete improvements is another. Let’s take a quick look at how one international motorized vehicle manufacturer put My Facilities to good use:

Leadership from this shipper’s logistics team came into Coyote’s headquarters for a quarterly business review. During the meeting, their Coyote rep walked them through the My Facilities tool, and started sharing some insights on their network. The Director of Logistics—who had not yet seen My Facilities—was intrigued, and asked for a live demo.

The Coyote rep drilled down into of their shipping facilities in the northeast, which happened to have consistently poor reviews. As they started scrolling through the comments from carriers, they noticed a pattern: there were no restrooms available for the drivers.

The Director of Logistics immediately got on the phone, and tasked someone to get portable toilets on-site ASAP. It was a simple, yet important change—in a tight carrier market, these types of small amenities can be the difference between securing capacity and having your load go uncovered. 


This is just one small example, and not every scenario is this straightforward, but a little visibility into candid feedback can go a long way.


Want to see how your facilities are performing?

Our dense, centralized marketplace generates a tremendous amount of data that you can leverage to ship smarter. My Facilities is an easy-to-use tool that gives you valuable insight into your operations. If you already work with us, reach out to your Coyote team to get set up. If you're new to Coyote, talk to a specialist and learn how we can bring data intelligence to your supply chain.

I Want to See How My Facilities Are Performing

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