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Coyote Logistics Celebrates 15th Anniversary

This milestone represents fifteen years of superior service and trust built among vast global network. 

Coyote Logistics opened its doors in 2006 with the mission of delivering a better third-party logistics (3PL) experience through a unique blend of strong core technology, reliable service and a commitment to delivering on promises.

Today, Coyote is excited to be celebrating its 15th anniversary, an important milestone that reinforces the strength of its customer-centric approach and comprehensive solutions portfolio built to move business forward.   

“The logistics industry has experienced a rapid evolution over the past 15 years, but Coyote has been unwavering in our commitment to delivering a superior experience and smarter solutions to shippers and carriers,” said Jonathan Sisler, Coyote’s Chief Executive Officer.

“I’m incredibly proud of this milestone and how our business has advanced since 2006 while retaining what really matters: empowering our people to solve complex problems and building trust through reliable action.”

- Jonathan Sisler, CEO, Coyote Logistics


Leveraging People, Technology & Collaboration

Coyote’s unique approach and service offerings have enabled the global 3PL to help its customers move more than 17 million loads around the world through its vast carrier network.

Coyote's first 15 years, by the numbers:

  • 17 million loads moved
  • 1 trillion lbs. of freight shipped
  • 11.8 billion miles travelled
  • 2,870 cities in 72 countries with pick ups or deliveries

They attribute these impressive statistics to three overarching business focuses, which have been key differentiators and further enabled continuous growth.

Coyote's 3 Overarching Focuses  
  1. Technology
    A commitment to offering best-in-class technology, service and solutions that help solve problems for shippers and carriers, while delivering on evolving needs.
  2. People
    Putting their people first and offering award-winning training, in addition to equipping employees with the technology and resources that make their jobs easier.
  3. Collaboration
    Taking a collaborative approach, both internally and externally, to solving the most complex industry challenges.

As Coyote moves into its next growth phase, these focuses remain central to their strategy and continued evolution with parent company, UPS.


Helping Shippers & Carriers to Continue Driving their Businesses Forward

Coyote maintains its laser focus on helping shippers and carriers navigate the complexities of today’s market by thinking beyond short-term capacity and focusing on market agility and supply chain efficiency.  

Never losing sight of their most valuable assets, Coyote recognizes the dedicated employees that have enabled their success, strength and resiliency through committed service to its network every day.

According to Sisler, “Our people have always been our biggest differentiator and will be the key to our continued success. That’s why we’ve remained committed and continue to enhance our employee resources, recruiting approach, DE&I initiatives and training to facilitate a best-in-class workplace experience."

"By combining an engaged workforce with advanced tech capabilities, we are uniquely positioned to offer customers the ideal balance of human expertise and digital solutions that empower business growth." 

- Jonathan Sisler, CEO, Coyote Logistics

Solving complex problems is engrained in Coyote’s philosophy — past, present and future.

For shippers of all sizes and commodities, Coyote will continue to be the trusted provider that enables smarter supply chain decisions and strategies.

For carriers, ranging from owner-operators to global fleets, Coyote offers unmatched opportunity and the dedicated support needed to keep their assets moving efficiently. 


Thanking Shippers, Carriers & Employees

Coyote extends sincere gratitude and appreciation to the shippers, carriers and dedicated employees that have given them the opportunity to serve and collaborate over the past 15 years.

The trust instilled in Coyote has enabled their evolution to become a global leader in the logistics industry.

“Through a collaborative approach with our network, employees, industry experts and organizations around the world, Coyote is positioned for an exciting future of continued evolution and expansion."

- Jonathan Sisler, CEO, Coyote Logistics


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