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These Carriers Won $300,000 in the 2020 Coyote Logistics Peak Team Contest

Every UPS Peak Season, thousands of carriers from around the country take advantage of consistent rates and volume leading up to the holidays.

This Peak Season, carrier teams in the Coyote network hauled over 20 million miles of Expedited freight — a nearly 30% increase from last year.

During the most challenging Peak Season in history, carriers went above and beyond to provide exceptional service. 

Thanks to their efforts, families across the United States received their packages safely and on time for the holidays.

Since we knew 2020 would be an especially demanding Peak Season, we decided to reward the highest performing driver teams with $300,000 in cash prizes.

"It’s been a crazy year for all of us, and carriers who drove safely and delivered on time made the holiday spirit possible.”

– Tanner, Coyote Logistics Peak Team


Announcing Your 2020 Peak Contest Winners

During the Coyote Logistics Peak Team Contest, carriers hauling Expedited Peak freight earned $150,000 in weekly cash prizes, and the top performers over the month-long competition collected $150,000 in grand prizes.

These three grand prize winners maintained the highest service, tech tracking and mileage scores across all contestants.

Without further ado, we are thrilled to recognize the winners: 

  • 1st Place: Heilscher Transport
    Owner-operator from Colorado
  • 2nd Place: Bare Rabbit Ranch Trucking
    2-truck carrier from Nebraska

  • 3rd Place: R&R Hotshot Services LLC
    Owner-operator from New Mexico


Meet the Champion Driver Teams


3rd Place ($20,000): R&R Hotshot Services LLC 

“R&R Hotshot represents everything we look for in a great carrier. They are timely with every route, proactive when things change, and generally enjoyable in all of our interactions.

I couldn’t think of a more deserving carrier to win the contest — I am so happy they did!”

–Marissa, Coyote Logistics

With only one truck, one driver team and one dispatcher, R&R Hotshot Services — based out of Roswell, New Mexico — was a force to be reckoned with.

This carrier had two Peak Seasons under their belt (2018 & 2019) before joining us again this year.

Robert and Aimee spoke highly of their Coyote team and said the contest money will be incredibly helpful.

When they found out about their prize, Aimee said, Out of the thousands of carriers, we never thought it would be possible to win. This is incredible!”

Congratulations, R&R Hotshot Services!


2nd Place ($50,000): Bare Rabbit Ranch Trucking 

“Bare Rabbit Ranch is the best out there. They arrive early for loads, are extremely patient and are a ‘go-to’. They are a well-respected carrier in our network due to their amazing efforts."

- Samantha, Coyote Logistics

Larry and Tinker (and their dog, Honey), a husband-and-wife team based out of Champion, Nebraska, hauled their first Peak Season load this year.

Thanks to their hard work, determination and can-do attitude, they won 2nd place in Coyote’s Carrier Peak Contest.

Bare Rabbit Ranch

When they found out they won, they had two things to say about their experience:

  1. “We love what we do!"
  2. "We like being early!”

Well done, Larry and Tinker of Bare Rabbit Ranch Trucking!


1st Place ($80,000): Hielscher Transport

“Hielscher adapted to every change with a positive attitude. I could always count on them to be on time for every pull.”       

- Alexia, Coyote Logistics

Based out of Colorado, this carrier has worked with Coyote for the past 4 years. This year, Hielscher's driver team consisted of friends Brian and Shawn. 

Due to their hard work, superior service and outstanding load mileage, Hielscher Transport won 1st Place in the Coyote Logistics Peak Team Contest.

When Brian, one of the team drivers, found out they had won, he and his wife responded with gratitude and disbelief.

Hielscher Transport

We asked them if they knew how they were going to use their prize money, and they responded without hesitation: We’ll put a new motor in the truck so we are ready to go for next year!"

In addition to the new motor, one of Brian's daughters is getting married this year — some of their prize money will be put to good use for the celebration. 

Well done, Hielscher Transport, and congratulations on winning first place!


Cheers to Every Carrier that Hauled this Peak Season

Once again, congratulations to all of our weekly and grand prize winners and a special thanks to every single carrier who participated in UPS Peak Season.

We couldn’t have done it without you!


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