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Ben Steffes Talks Supply Chain Outsourcing on The Logistics of Logistics Podcast

There is not a consensus of ‘mostly outsourcing’ or ‘mostly insourcing.’ It was really the blend that was the most consistent message.

- Ben Steffes, VP of CTM & Managed Services, Coyote Logistics

Our logistics experts aren’t just publishing articles these days, they’re sharing their insights everywhere supply chain professionals turn for information — including podcasts.

Ben Steffes head shotVP of CTM & Managed Services Ben Steffes was recently featured as the guest on The Logistics of Logistics podcast, hosted by Joe Lynch. He took part in a wide-ranging conversation centered on the major findings from our research on supply chain outsourcing but also covering Coyote’s history and business model, the strength of our relationship with UPS, and the relative merits of living in Wisconsin and Michigan.

We’re excited to see our leaders take advantage of the different types of media out there for sharing their knowledge. This podcast is a great way to glean insights from our research in a fluid, conversational setting and to bolster your knowledge of how shippers work with 3PLs during your commute, while you do chores around the house or any other time you’re inclined to listen in.

Listen to the Podcast

Podcast: The Logistics of Logistics
Coyote Leader: Ben Steffes, VP of CTM & Managed Services
Topics: Outsourced supply chain


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