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Madan Logistics Jumpstarts Successful Trucking Business with Peak Season

"Because of how we work together, I don’t have to seek out freight opportunities. They come directly from Coyote.

What we do with Coyote is way beyond the call of duty, and that’s what makes our customers happy.”

-Rami Madan, Owner of Madan Logistics


About Madan Logistics
  • Grew fleet from 1 power unit to 10 power units in 2 years
  • Exclusively runs freight on dedicated lanes
  • Operates out of Southern California
  • Loves meeting challenges head on
The Challenge

Rami started Madan Logistics with one truck and needed a steady flow of freight for his business to grow and thrive.

The Result

In under two years Madan Logistics grew its fleet from one power unit to ten, which they keep moving on dedicated lanes.


How Madan Achieved Exponential Fleet Growth

Madan Logistics is not your typical carrier, and neither is the owner Raminder (Rami) Madan.

With an extensive project management and operations background in aviation and aerospace, Rami brought a unique perspective to the table.

What he lacked in logistics industry experience, he more than made up for with an impeccable work ethic and a drive to learn.

"One entity can’t do it. It’s a three-party operation: the carrier, Coyote and the customer. When we all work together, there’s nothing we can’t overcome.”

- Rami Madan, Owner of Madan Logistics

Rami first encountered Coyote Logistics as a financial consultant for another carrier in the Coyote network in the months leading up to the 2015 Peak Season.

Starting in July 2015, he regularly met with the Coyote team to prepare for Peak and learn as much as he could about the industry.

During that time, he and Coyote agreed to focus on tackling challenges together. This relationship stands to this day and has been integral in Rami’s success with Coyote.

After a successful Peak Season, Rami was looking for a new challenge and decided to branch out and start his own trucking company. With his commitment to work as one team, Rami started Madan Logistics with one truck and Coyote’s full support.


Taking on the Tough Jobs

Rami decided right away that he wanted to take on challenges that many carriers will not. He loves tackling unique challenges from customers and wants to work together to solve them.

Carlos, Madan’s carrier rep at Coyote, describes Rami as having a very high standard for conducting business and a great deal of knowledge of how to deal with people. That commitment to excellence has served Rami well.

Both Madan Logistics and their relationship with Coyote have grown exponentially over the past two years. Starting the company with one power unit, Madan now has a fleet of 10 trucks driving dedicated lanes for Coyote’s shippers.

Rami knew from the get-go that he didn’t want to bid on loads one at a time. He wanted to focus on developing long term, lasting relationships with shippers that he could rely on for steady income.

That, along with his commitment to excellence in business, enabled Madan’s fleet to grow substantially and efficiently.


Easier Operations with Free Technology

One of Rami’s favorite aspects of working with Coyote is the technology we provide to make running his business easy. Rami does all of his business accounting through CoyoteGO®.

It provides all the information he needs to invoice in a standardized manner, saving him the time of hunting down additional information and housing everything in one convenient place.

Carlos and the rest of the Coyote team would like to congratulate Rami on his unprecedented business growth and we look forward to continuing to provide him with the access to opportunities, loads and support he needs to drive his business forward.


Want to tap into dedicated freight opportunities to keep your fleet moving like Rami? Learn more about UPS Peak Season (and how to sign up).