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The Lifecycle of Service: How Northstar Recycling Succeeds in Today’s Market

In today’s volatile freight market, service consistency is as crucial as ever. We asked Northstar Recycling executives, Jonathan Fischer, Freight Coordinator, and Amanda Zawtocki, Director of Account Management, to speak on the importance of service to overcoming challenges, delivering on promises, and driving their business forward.

Northstar recycling executives


No two supply chains are alike — here at Northstar Recycling, we know this firsthand. We work with manufacturing and distribution facilities across a variety of industries, including food and beverage, bedding, consumer goods, packaging, and more.

Each client’s needs and challenges are unique, but, as diverse as our clients are, they share a common commitment to implementing and refining their recycling programs.

And they’re all looking for supply chain providers who can swiftly adapt to fit their fast-moving business needs. So, how can we as logistics professionals ensure we do our part to help our clients meet their sustainability goals while growing our business at the same time?

By meeting nontraditional needs with custom-built solutions centered on service — that's where Coyote comes in.


Unique Challenges

Northstar Recycling serves clients across North America who share our belief that waste has value.

To deliver on our mission to help clients increase recycling, lower disposal volumes, and increase profits, we implement comprehensive solutions for clients looking to recycle everything from paper, plastic, metal, wood, and foam to food and other organic materials and more.

We do more than provide the best possible solutions at the best possible prices — we build relationships that increase sustainability on an international scale. As the focus on corporate sustainability expands worldwide, our industry will continue to grow.

Needless to say, we operate in a competitive landscape, so it’s critical that our providers like Coyote not only understand our business, but also, they must understand how we work with our clients.

Northstar Recycling has earned our reputation through superior service to our clients – a key differentiator for us. As our clients’ expectations for service increase each year, so must our renewed commitment to putting in the significant time, resources, and support that our clients need and deserve.

Through a commitment to service, we have been able to optimize our supply chain to seamlessly shift from short-term capacity to long-term agility and deliver for our clients – day in, day out.


plastic bottles


Service-Focused Solutions

As more and more businesses are moving towards sustainable practices, our client base is expanding. Ensuring that we are implementing service-based solutions is critical, as it allows us to consistently deliver to our clients with precision.


54% of today’s consumers are making decisions based on customer service1. More specifically, over half of manufacturers and retailers expect product visibility from their supply chain provider2.


We need to transport waste and recyclables from point A to point B as efficiently as possible while maintaining strict service and compliance requirements. We know our focus on transparency and accountability leads to better results.

Maintaining success in this market requires the willingness — by us and our providers, like Coyote — to meet and exceed client expectations and a firm commitment to our Core Values: 

  • We do first things first.
  • We do our personal best today.
  • We do the next right thing.
  • We are impeccable with our word.
  • We count on each other for help.
  • We have fun.


Truck driving on highway with mountains


Building Lasting Relationships

Our business has grown into what it is today because of the relationships we’ve formed with our clients and our network of solution providers – relationships built on respect, honesty, and proactive communication.

We attribute this, in part, to our belief that maintaining relationships is just as important as creating them.

Given today’s complex market, our clients’ expectations are evolving, so to keep our relationships strong, we need new solutions centered around the intersection of people and technology.

While some businesses provide an 800 number, we provide a dedicated service representative and a team that makes it easier for us to follow through on our promises whether it’s 3 p.m. or 3 a.m.

Our clients operate around the clock, which is why our service-driven business model allows us to stay ahead of the curve.


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The cycle of the supply chain is ever-changing. We have to expect the unexpected and arm ourselves with knowledgeable providers to navigate roadblocks that arise to keep our business moving forward.

That’s where service comes into play: every step of the way, every client, every time.

Northstar Recycling was built on integrity, adaptability, and reliability – all cornerstones we share with Coyote.

Since our expectations of Coyote reflect our clients’ expectations of us, we’re able to place trust in its team and fulfill our commitments to our stakeholders seamlessly.


About Northstar Recycling: Founded on five generations of industry expertise, Northstar Recycling is redefining what it means to be a national waste and recycling company. It has cultivated a network of thousands of qualified service partners across North America to provide its clients with a seamless, single point of contact for all their waste needs. This unique business model also allows Northstar Recycling the flexibility to provide innovative solutions that help its clients increase recycling, lower disposal volumes, and increase profits.

About Amanda Zawtocki: Amanda leads Northstar Recycling’s Account Management group, the team of expert professionals responsible for delivering timely and responsive service across North America. She has been with Northstar Recycling for over 15 years and came to the company with a background in the transportation industry, a skill set that she still uses on a daily basis while seeing to the service needs of the company’s clients. Amanda is an amazing leader who inspires and coaches her team to continually improve and produce innovative solutions for Northstar Recycling’s clients.

About Jonathan Fischer: Jonathan manages all of Northstar Recycling’s freight solutions, partnering with transportation companies across North American to deliver efficient solutions that best meet client service requirements. His industry expertise and relationships gives Northstar Recycling’s clients access to consistent service and economical rates, even during tight freight markets. Jonathan has been with Northstar Recycling for just under five years, and has driven significant improvement to the company’s freight capabilities.


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2Source: Supply Chain Digital