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Who Will Power Tomorrow’s Supply Chain? Logistics Labor Force Trends

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The COVID-era labor market has been extremely volatile, and talent is now quite tough to come by. It’s especially difficult for smaller businesses without the recruiting resources of Fortune 500 companies.

Supply chain and logistics roles are not immune to these staffing challenges, and the current labor landscape contains more questions than easy answers.

Are there enough supply chain professionals to keep the nation’s freight running? Where are companies investing in human talent? Is there a driver shortage?

Get labor market insights your company can use to recruit and retain from Tim Sanders, VP of Customer Insights at Upwork, a freelancing platform that specializes in sourcing labor. Tim Sanders is a best-selling author, top-rated speaker and former Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo!

Tim Sanders, VP, Customer Insights, Upwork

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Labor market insights & impact
  • Key facts about the current logistics skills gap
  • Recruiting & retaining talent in a post-COVID world
  • How to build a talent pool for the future