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Zach Gilstrap Offers 6 Severe Weather Preparedness Tips in Food Logistics

As climate changes, every month should be considered a potential “storm month” — this means you must monitor and track severe weather in any region at any time and have reliable, rapidly actionable plans in place for when extreme conditions do arise.

- Zach Gilstrap, General Manager, Humanitarian Logistics, Coyote Logistics

Severe weather can be a threat for shippers in any season. Luckily, our resident disaster relief freight expert recently shared some important tips to help you protect your supply chain.

zach gilstrap headshotIn a new article for Food Logistics, General Manager, Humanitarian Logistics Zach Gilstrap details the kinds of weather events shippers should look out for and how best to mitigate them. He contributes both short-term response tips and long-term strategies for building flexibility and effective back-up option into your supply chain.

Zach’s article is a great example of our commitment to helping businesses ship smarter and persevere through even the most challenging circumstances.

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Publication: Food Logistics
Coyote Leader: Zach Gilstrap, General Manager, Humanitarian Logistics
Topics: Severe weather preparedness, supply chain strategy


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