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What's New in CoyoteGO: Smart Matches, Faster Detention, Lumper Reimbursement & More

The technology you use to keep up with the demands of your business should work for you — not the other way around.

That's why we're committed to continually improving CoyoteGO® with updates that make our user-friendly digital freight platform faster, easier and more secure.

Learn more about the latest features we’ve added to CoyoteGO to improve your experience.


Find the Loads You Want with Smart Matches

This new feature lets you easily target the lanes that matter most to you. Carriers can now set up email alerts for immediate access to freight that’s heading where you want to go.

When you log into the load board, you will see a pop-up asking if you want to set up smart matches.

Here you can set your desired origin, destination, equipment type (dry van, refrigerated, etc.), weight, and pickup and delivery times.


New smart match lane details


You can customize your smart matches to be either a one-time alert or a regular digest. Get time back in your day by eliminating repetitive freight searches.


Lumper Reimbursement On the Go

We’ve made it easier than ever to request lumper reimbursement by integrating this function into CoyoteGO.

Now you can save time and keep greater control over your accessorials by requesting reimbursement directly in the CoyoteGO app rather than over the phone with your representative.

Simply enter the amount you need to be reimbursed and upload a copy of your lumper receipt from the facility.


lumper reimbursement form


Lumper payments can be issued in one of three ways. You can:

  • Pay the cost of the lumper up front at the facility and request the amount you paid as reimbursement by uploading a receipt into CoyoteGO.
  • Request a T-Chek code to use to pay for your lumper.
  • Instantly receive a Relay Code to provide when paying at facilities that are set up for Relay.


lumper t-chek form


Get Your Detention Approved in One-Day 

In line with our updated accessorial policy, we’ve made it easier to request and receive detention through CoyoteGO.

To be eligible for detention, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Arrive on-time for the appointment. Note that detention eligibility begins two hours after the appointment time.
  • Submit paperwork with arrival and departure times that is notated by the facility, within 24 hours of delivery at the final stop.
  • Request detention within 24 hours of delivery at the final stop.


detention request form


If you have tracking enabled that shows you arrived at your destination facility on time, we will approve and process your detention request within one business day.

You can track updates to all your detention requests through CoyoteGO as well.


Cancel Loads In CoyoteGO

If you need to cancel a load 48 hours or more before your scheduled pick-up time, you can do so directly in CoyoteGO.

A phone call is still necessary to cancel a load less than 48 hours before your scheduled pick-up.


Find Parking With TruckPark Integration

CoyoteGO users can now reserve one of TruckPark’s nearly 50,000 parking spaces at 537 locations nationwide right in the platform.


truckpark integration



Get the Most Out of Your CoyoteGO Experience

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