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84% of CoyoteGO Users Stick with Us

CarrierLists recently conducted a study of how small carriers (with three trucks or less) use different load-matching mobile apps.

They asked participants about which apps they downloaded and actually used on a consistent basis. From there, they determined ‘stickiness’ as the percentage of those who downloaded the app that became regular, active users.



Source: CarrierLists

Of all apps included on the survey, the CoyoteGO® app for carriers had the highest usage and stickiness rate among the traditional 3PL/broker apps.

According to the digital freight brokerage/load-matching app study, 84% of small carriers who downloaded CoyoteGO stick with using it – a number exceeded only by Truckstop Mobile, LoadExpress and DAT Mobile. 

Why is this important? Stickiness helps to measure the adoption and success of an app. These numbers tell us that our carriers like to use our mobile app to easily access the over 10,000 loads we help ship every day.


Of all 3PL or broker apps included on the survey, the CoyoteGO® app for carriers had the highest 'stickiness' rate. 


This survey also helps to tell us that although new tech-based 3PLs are entering the market, Coyote still provides a strong mobile solution for freight matching within our diverse, centralized marketplace of over 14,000 shippers.

We are thrilled that carriers in our network love using our app to find the freight opportunities that work for them.

CoyoteGO is available to you both as a desktop portal and as a mobile app for carriers.

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