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Expert Advice: How I Get Stable Freight Spend in a Volatile Market

Session Details

Bootstrap Farmer is a fast-growing company that offers high-quality, affordable greenhouse equipment and custom greenhouses. These experts in DIY farming saw their business boom during the COVID-19 pandemic, which means more product to ship.

They needed help to cover their freight, whether it moved via LTL, truckload or the occasional flatbed. And their transportation needed to be both reliable and cost-effective. 

Find out how this growing shipper — with the help of their Coyote freight expert, Claire Torell, and assistance from our digital freight platform, CoyoteGO — manages their supply chain to deliver on customer expectations while protecting their budget. Discover how they were able to scale up their shipping to meet customer demand and how they’re planning for future growth.

Claire Torell, Business Development Representative, Coyote Logistics
Brad Youst, CEO and Founder, Bootstrap Farmer
Nick Burton, Creative Director, Bootstrap Farmer

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to set a carrier strategy for a small business
  • How to use 3PLs effectively
  • Why Coyote was able to help when others couldn’t
  • The importance of having a skilled representative on your side
  • How a powerful digital platform like CoyoteGO can make quoting and shipping more convenient

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