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Ready to GO? Become a Self-Service Freight Management Pro

Session Details

Digital solutions driving efficiency in the modern shipping world. Savvy supply chain leaders know their success depends not only on their internal platforms but on their providers’ technology as well.

What does a reliable, user-friendly system look like? And how does it add value and make shipping easier by putting more of your operations in the palm of your hand?

With CoyoteGO®, Coyote’s free digital freight platform, shippers can get unlimited instant spot quotes, build shipments, book carriers and track freight. You can manage the entire lifecycle of each shipment, as well as track network performance with a bird’s eye view. 

In this session, our product team will walk you through CoyoteGO, including how to get signed up, best practices to get the most out of your experience as a user, and new and upcoming features.

Ikram Shah, Group Product Manager, Coyote Logistics
Sean Gill, Director, Shipping Technology, Coyote Logistics

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Key features and benefits of CoyoteGO
  • Tips for navigating the sign-up process
  • How to get a quote, build a load and manage paperwork
  • How to use CoyoteGO’s network analytics capabilities
  • New features and the product roadmap

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