Finding & Booking Available Loads: Chapter 4 - Carrier’s Guide to CoyoteGO

Every day, over 10,000 shipments move through the Coyote North American network — CoyoteGO® makes it easier for you to find the right ones that are right for your business. 

Once you find opportunities you’re interested in, you can either book it instantly for the listed rate (when applicable) or try to negotiate by submitting an offer.

In this article, we’ll show you how to:


Finding Your Next Shipment in Available Loads

Once you log into CoyoteGO, go to Find Loads in the top menu. This will bring you to the available loads search page. We’ve made it easy for you to comb through our load board to narrow down your search.

The following images are from the desktop version of CoyoteGO, but the Available Loads searching and booking function in the CoyoteGO mobile app is virtually the same.


CoyoteGO available loads dashboard


The basic search function allows you to hunt for opportunities based:

  • Origin and destination radius (state, city or zip code)
  • Pickup date range
  • Equipment type
  • Load number

You can refine your search even further with Advanced Search options. If you search does not return enough options, try expanding the search parameters.

The results page will show you all available loads that meet your search requirements. You can quickly and easily compare your options and review important load details.


Find the Right Freight Faster with Saved Searches

Next to the Advanced Search option, you can quickly filter Available Loads search results based on your preferred lanes.

Once you set the search filters to meet your common network needs, just save the search and next time, finding the right load will be even easier.


Find the Right Freight Faster graphic


Get the Full Picture with Map View

You can also use a map view of your search results instead of a list if you prefer a different visualization of all your options.


Search all of Coyote’s available loads with our new map view


Getting Load Details

Knowing all the relevant information is very important when selecting your next shipment. We made it easy to get all the details you need to make an informed decision.

Each search result (available load) will have a dropdown arrow on the far right-hand side. By clicking on the arrow, you can

  • Favorite (or star) loads you’re interested in
  • Hide loads you no longer want to see
  • View all relevant load details


Booking a Load: 2 Options in CoyoteGO

If you have found a load you are interested in, there are potentially two ways to book it.


1. Book It

If you have found a load with a listed rate and a green Book It button, just click the button.

You will be prompted to enter a driver (you can add one if the contact does not already exist in CoyoteGO) and the load will be yours instantly.


2. Submit Offer

If you have found a load that you are interested in, but the rate does not work for you, make us an offer.

Simply enter rate you want and select Submit Offer. You will receive confirmation of your offer, and Coyote will follow up, either accepting, countering or declining it right in CoyoteGO.



Negotiating in CoyoteGO: How to Manage Your Offers

The My Offers widget in lower righthand side of your CoyoteGO (in the desktop version) keeps track of all your offers.

You can manage all of your negotiations from this tool. Once you submit an offer, it will show up in the Pending tab. Once Coyote accepts, counters, or declines your offer, you will receive a notification and your offer will move to the Accepted, Countered or Declined tab, respectively.

You can also view your offer history to keep track of your activity.


Quickly and Easily Book Freight


If your offer is accepted by Coyote, all you have to do it select Book. You will be prompted to assign a driver (you can add one if the contact does not already exist in CoyoteGO)  and confirm, then the load is yours!



Keeping Your Fleet Loaded with Suggested Reloads

Once confirmed, CoyoteGO presents you with potential reloads based on the unloading time and destination, making it easier for you to keep your trucks loaded for longer.


Book Back-to-Back with Reloads example


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