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Government Regulations for 2021: An Inside Look from Policy Experts

Government regulations affect every shipper and carrier, but the processes can seem opaque and the resulting impacts unclear.

Cut through the legalese and get clear insights into how the federal government operates from two policy experts.

You’ll get a crash course in civics, learn what happened on the legislative front in 2020 that impacts supply chain, and what you can expect for next year.


Tom Jensen, VP of Public Affairs (UPS)

Tom Madrecki, VP of Supply Chain (Consumer Brands Association)

J-Ann Tio, SVP of Business Operations (Coyote Logistics)

In this session, you'll learn:

  • Difference between regulations, rules and bills
  • Process for new policy implementation
  • How HOS reform, USMCA (NAFTA 2.0), and the FMSCA Clearinghouse impact supply chain and logistics
  • Likely 2021 transportation regulation scenarios for a Biden or Trump victory in the White House, and Democrat or Republican-controlled Senate

This session is brought to you by the Coyote Collective: a group that brings together supply chain experts from around the world to collaboratively solve the most complex industry challenges. This new industry consortium will help facilitate innovation, pilot advanced programs and deliver a wide variety of resources, including: webinars, executive insights, original research studies, industry analyses and other thought leadership content.

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