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APIs & Instant Quotes: How Coyote Technology Can Make Your Day Easier

Supply chains are becoming more digital every day, and that’s true across every sector — from procurement, warehousing and operations, to driving, dispatch and freight matching.

Since its inception, Coyote Logistics is creating and evolving shipper and carrier-centric solutions through technology that solve core logistics challenges.

Whether you’re a small business looking to get instant spot quotes in our digital freight platform CoyoteGO®, or an enterprise shipper looking for more supply chain system integrations, our solutions team will discuss how your business can save time and operate more efficiently with Coyote technology.


Sean Gill, Director, Shipper Technology (Coyote Logistics)

Brad Gilligan, VP, Carrier Technology (Coyote Logistics)

Braden Andersen, Director, Carrier Technology (Coyote Logistics)

Justin Thompson, Director, Marketing Lifecycle (Coyote Logistics)

In this session, you'll learn:

  • What CoyoteGO can do for your business
  • How you can better connect with Coyote through our API suite
  • Sneak Peak of our development roadmap

This session is brought to you by Coyote Logistics: a leading global third-party logistics provider that combines a diverse, centralized transportation marketplace matching more than 10,000 shipments every day. Coyote offers a comprehensive multi-modal solutions portfolio — including truckload, less than truckload (LTL) and intermodal — with data intelligence and market insights to help empower our customers' business growth in a rapidly changing world. For more information about Coyote Logistics, visit