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State of the Logistics Market & Q4 Coyote Curve Forecast

2020 has been the most tumultuous year across freight markets in recorded history. Supply chains have been upended, capacity and rates have seesawed up and down, and shippers and carriers are trying to find a way forward.

In this live keynote session, find out the current state of global logistics markets, an analysis of our proprietary Coyote Curve® forecast, and where the market is heading throughout Q4 Peak Season and beyond from industry experts.


Chris Pickett, Advisor (Coyote Logistics)

Evan Armstrong, President (Armstrong & Associates)

Sean Fahey, SVP of Yield Management & Pricing (Coyote Logistics)

Nick Verceles, SVP of North American Sales (Coyote Logistics)

In this session, you'll learn:

  • Insight on global supply chain trends across warehousing, transportation management, and dedicated cartage
  • How shippers are leveraging 3PLs in their businesses throughout the pandemic
  • Updated Coyote Curve market forecast
  • Analysis of key economic indicators
  • Action items global shippers can take to prepare themselves for an inflationary 2021

This session is brought to you by the Coyote Collective: a forum that brings together supply chain experts from around the world to collaboratively solve the most complex industry challenges. This new industry forum will help facilitate innovation, pilot advanced programs and deliver a wide variety of resources, including: webinars, executive insights, original research studies, industry analyses and other thought leadership content. For more information about the Coyote Collective launch, visit