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How to Structure Your Operations Department to Deliver Better Customer Service

Your customer demands are always shifting (and increasing). To provide the right customer experience, you need to have an operations team behind the scenes that can deliver.

Learn how to use data to drive your decision-making, how to experiment with and implement new organizational structures that will align with your customer needs and drive a better experience.


Todd Souder, Chief Operating Officer, International (Coyote Logistics)

Kate Van Dyke, SVP of Operations (Coyote Logistics)

Tricia Dell, SVP of Operations (Coyote Logistics)

In this session, you'll learn:

  • How to manage the internal operational stress of 1-day delivery pressures
  • When outsourcing is the right option
  • What you need to invest in-house to support your business
  • How to implement Lean principles and Continuous Improvement programs at your company
  • Best-in-class and worst offender examples we’ve learned through our network of +14k shippers"

This session is brought to you by Coyote Logistics: a leading global third-party logistics provider that combines a diverse, centralized transportation marketplace matching more than 10,000 shipments every day. Coyote offers a comprehensive multi-modal solutions portfolio — including truckload, less than truckload (LTL) and intermodal — with data intelligence and market insights to help empower our customers' business growth in a rapidly changing world. For more information about Coyote Logistics, visit