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Q4 Freight Market Forecast: Preparing for Peak Season Amid COVID, Brexit & More


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Freight markets have been on hot streak since last June. Rates have climbed higher as more freight entered the market and carrier capacity is still trying to catch up. But have we reached a market peak? 

Find out the latest trends for global freight markets, with a focus on North American and EU truckload and LTL, and learn where the market is headed next. 

With Q4 retail Peak Season right around the corner, there’s no better time to get actionable insights you can use to prepare your supply chain for the holiday season.

Rick Blasgen, Advisor, CSCMP
Paul Bingham, Director, Economics and Country Risk Transportation Consulting, IHS Markit
Jaap Bruining, SVP, Head of Europe, Coyote Logistics
Nick Shroeger, Chief Solutions Officer, Coyote Logistics
Will Chu, CEO and Co-Founder, Vector

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Q3 spot and contract finals
  • Q4 truckload market forecast
  • How retail Peak Season impacts the market
  • How Peak 2021 will be different from last year
  • Strategies for shipping during surge periods


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