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What Shippers Really Think about Supply Chain Sustainability

As climate change continues to impact global supply chains, more and more companies are getting serious in their approach to sustainability. But what exactly does that look like in practice?

Coyote partnered with Martec, a third-party research firm, to conduct an original study to find out how shippers and carriers are approaching the topic today, and where they are planning to go in the future.


Suzanne Lindsay-Walker, Chief Sustainability Officer (UPS)

Mike Sinkovitz, SVP of Coyote Transportation Management (Coyote Logistics)

Jaap Bruining, EU SVP, Head of Europe (Coyote Logistics)

Melissa Jordan, VP of Network Solutions (Coyote Logistics)

In this session, you'll learn:

  • What is driving the renewed focus on sustainability
  • Who owns sustainability at organizations
  • Concrete steps to start a sustainability program at your company
  • How to optimize and advance your existing sustainability program
  • Results from our proprietary, third-party research study

This session is brought to you by the Coyote Collective: a group that brings together supply chain experts from around the world to collaboratively solve the most complex industry challenges. This new industry consortium will help facilitate innovation, pilot advanced programs and deliver a wide variety of resources, including: webinars, executive insights, original research studies, industry analyses and other thought leadership content. For more information about the Coyote Collective launch, visit