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August Release Notes: What's New for North American Carriers

As you keep up with the demands of your business, you deserve technology that works for you — not the other way around.

That is why we are committed to continually improving CoyoteGO® with updates that make our user-friendly digital freight platform faster, easier, and more secure.

While there are no new updates for shippers this month (visit July's updates for the latest), here is a snapshot of what’s new in CoyoteGO for North American Carriers in August: 

Keep reading for more details on each update.


View Your Eligibility for Coyote’s Rewards Program

Now you can view your Carrier of Choice status directly from your Carrier Scorecard within CoyoteGO.

If you meet the performance requirements for our Carrier of Choice program, your status in CoyoteGO will reflect your eligibility, giving you access to exclusive program benefits, such as:

  • More freight
  • Discounted QuickPay rates
  • Early access to bids

This feature can help you monitor your progress and determine which performance metrics to focus on to advance your status.

Find out more about our Carrier of Choice program here.



Don’t have a CoyoteGO account? Get set up on our digital freight platform. Already have an account? Sign in.


Know Exactly Where You’re Going Before You Book Loads

When you’re evaluating load opportunities, knowing where you’re going and who is going to be there when you arrive can make a big difference.

Up until now, you could only see facility city locations, but did not have access to the actual name of the shipper or the complete address of each facility.

This update allows you to identify all U.S. shipper facilities by name and see their exact locations in CoyoteGO before you ever book a load, giving you more transparency so you can better plan and prioritize. 



Expanded Access to CoyoteGO With Two New User Types

If you want to add new users or change the permissions of your current users, you can do so easily within CoyoteGO. This month, we added two new user types — Admin and Owner-Operator.

These user updates ensure that your entire team can access time-saving tools within CoyoteGO to keep your fleet moving.



While many users have similar permissions, now you can distinguish team members more easily with a variety of user types.

To find out how to add and promote users, check out our step-by-step instructions in our digital Carrier Guidebook.



If you’re new to CoyoteGO and want to know how to get started, explore our newly updated CoyoteGO Carrier Guidebook to see how it works and learn how to sign up.

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