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2022 Carriers of the Year: 21 Carriers Who Really Kept Us Moving Last Year

2022 Carriers of the Year award badge

Every carrier in our network is crucial to our success — and to keeping businesses moving from coast to coast.

But each year, some freight carriers stand out from the pack. They go the extra mile to ensure their shipments get there on time and intact, they keep clear lines of communication open, and they respond to new challenges with flexibility and a commitment to shared success.

Once again, it’s time for us to recognize these top performers with our Carrier of the Year awards. Read on to discover how the 21 trucking companies in this list earned their recognition as truly essential contributors to the Coyote network.


Meet the 2022 Carriers of the Year

Congratulations to these 21 outstanding members of the Coyote network!

Learn More About the Winners

AD Transport Express, Inc.

a.d. transport express logoFor the second year in a row, AD Transport Express from Canton, MI has made the cut as a standout carrier in the Coyote network.

Last year, we awarded AD Transport Express the “Dedicated Freight Champion” designation for their consistent support for shippers with dedicated coverage. This year, we’re celebrating their entire portfolio of performance — dedicated, spot truckload and expedited service across the lower 48 states with their fleet of nearly 500 power units.

As long as AD Transport Express continues to deliver on time, consistently participate in tech tracking and communicate openly, there’s certainly a chance we might see them on this list again.

Best Rush Service LLC

We’ve worked with Best Rush Service LLC since 2016, and over that time they’ve grown into one of the most reliable cross-border Mexico providers in our network.

They weathered the storm through the COVID-19 pandemic and charged ahead with purpose in 2022. Last year, they weren’t just our fastest-growing provider in Mexico, but one of the top carriers companywide as well.

Best Rush has stepped up to help to provide capacity for some major shipping projects while maintaining the high level of service the shippers in our network demand. We look forward to more great things from them in 2023.

Bettaway Beverage Distributors, Inc.

bettaway beverage distributors logoOwners of a modern and technologically advanced fleet, Bettaway Beverage Distributors, Inc. is a superstar when it comes to moving dedicated freight.

They value their working relationship with us because of our knowledgeable and responsive leadership, as wells the way our CoyoteGO® digital freight platform helps them efficiently and effectively respond to demand and stay in touch with our teams.

The secret to their success? Constant communication, doing what they say when they say they’re do it, and supporting us with consistent on-time service from their reliable and safe capacity.

Bulldog Hiway Express

bulldog hiway express logo

Drayage standouts Bulldog Hiway Express were a crucial link in our intermodal offerings last year, helping move containers between ports, ramps and facilities throughout the Southeast.

They handle hundreds of drayage moves daily primarily out of the Ports of Charleston, Savannah and Mobile. They value their relationship with their Coyote rep Jonah for the way he understands the operational challenges unique to their work and the effort he puts into developing new opportunities for them to excel.

The collaborative environment they find with us is key to helping them get on the same page with their customers regarding expectations and meet them accordingly. 

D.I.S. Trucking LLC

D.I.S. trucking llc logoAccounting and dispatching can be big challenges for any carrier, even one with a fleet of just four power units like D.I.S. Trucking LLC.

So how did they manage to pull their weight (and then some) to stand out among carriers of their size? By tapping into CoyoteGO to help them manage their freight and working together with their rep William to learn new skills and strategies.

D.I.S. Trucking LLC is a great success story and a testament to what can be accomplished when people and technology combine to help a small business grow.


DTX logoWhen a large shipper like Dart Container Corporation invests in a private fleet, they often turn to a provider like us to help them control costs and improve efficiency by finding backhaul freight.

DTX is the incorporated interstate carrier Dart operates with their equipment when it’s not hauling their own freight. They’ve found great success using our online load board to source freight and working with our representatives to procure new lanes.

The loads we helped DTX move this year represent the kind of wins you can find when two innovative companies communicate with transparency and think outside the box together.

Dynevor Express

Dynevor Express logoNorth of the border, one carrier stood out as a top performer and consistent collaborator.

Operating out of Etobicoke, ON, Dynevor Express excels at cross-border Canadian freight, moving loads across the border in Ontario and Quebec consistently and with minimal issues. They’re a crucial link in many shippers’ North American supply chains.

Dynevor Express has hauled with us since the very beginning of our presence in Canada, and we’re excited to see them continue to grow and thrive.

EZ Cargo Transport

EZ Cargo Transport logoA small carrier with big ambitions, NJ-based EZ Cargo Transport has taken full advantage of the technology and human connections we offer to help them grow.

Operating in the Northeast as a freight carrier always involves some unique challenges, and EZ Cargo Transport values the way problem solving is a major focus of our working relationship. Both the CoyoteGO platform and their rep Alex have been instrumental in helping them overcome obstacles.

At the end of the day, they believe the most important factor to their success is their great communication — we certainly agree!

Fox Freight Inc.

Fox Freight logoEven though they’re based close to home for us just outside Chicago, Fox Freight Inc. makes a big difference in our network nationwide.

They offer coast-to-coast long-haul dry van and refrigerated capacity as well as short-mile service. They are more than willing to offer consistent support as a dedicated carrier or to step up when you’re in a crunch with expedited driver teams.

Fox Freight has been a member of our network for a decade now, and we commend them for the professional standard they bring to their work and the great relationships they maintain with their Coyote reps.

HMD Trucking, Inc.

HMD Trucking logoWe’re proud to work with larger carriers like HMD Trucking, Inc. as much as we like finding freight for the smaller companies in our network, and it’s just as rewarding when they step up and perform admirably.

HMD Trucking moves dry van, flatbed and hazmat loads regionally and dry van loads locally in the Chicagoland area with their fleet of 300 trucks. They’ve worked with us long enough to build a strong relationship in which we always know how to find the best freight for them and we can trust they’ll get it there without issue.

Teamwork is the name of the game for HMD Trucking — internally, in their relationship with us and in their commitment to serving their customers.

JP Logistics, Inc.

JP Logistics logo

JP Logistics, Inc. out of Willowbrook, IL stands out with full truckload service throughout the Midwest and most of the East Coast.

They value quality of life for their drivers and openness in their dealings with brokers in equal measure, placing a premium on clear and open communication. We’re delighted to help them uphold their values with rapid response times and full transparency.

JP Logistics, Inc. is a fantastic example of how mutual respect can lead to a productive long-term business relationship.

MLT Trans

MLT Transportation logoShippers come to us with a variety of needs. While many are in search of spot capacity, others are looking for a longer-term solution.

MLT Trans is a trucking company that steps up when shippers in our network need dedicated capacity. These contracts require transparency and flexibility on all sides, and MLT Trans lives up to their business philosophy of providing both while offering excellent service.

When we work with a carrier who lives their ideals like MLT Trans, it’s easy to have their back knowing that they have ours.

Moreno Hotshots, LLC

Teamwork is more important than ever when you’re hauling truly essential freight — construction equipment, building materials, the sort of freight that really keeps industry moving.

A hotshot hauler based in Keller, TX, Moreno Hotshots, LLC views logistics as a challenge that we’re all in together, from their office staff to our own to the customer whose freight we work together to get moved.

By staying in constant communication with their rep Matt about current loads while collaborating to secure and plan for future ones, Moreno Hotshots, LLC consistently gets the job done.

North American Transport Services

North American Transport Services logoNorth American Transport Services has been with us practically since the beginning — they’ve been a member of our carrier network since 2007.

Over the past 16 years, this dry van carrier based in Opa-locka, FL has put their 265 power units to work hauling any and all full truckload freight the shippers in our network bring to them. Through it all, they’ve been excellent communicators and have always put service first.

We applaud this long-standing member of our network for continuing to set a standard we can be proud of associating with the Coyote name.

Old Dominion Freight Line

Old Dominion Freight Line logo

One of the largest LTL carriers in North America, Old Dominion Freight Line consistently comes through in a large way for our valued customers.

Every day, we utilize Old Dominion’s vast service network, made up of 255 service centers across the Continental U.S., and time and again they deliver on time and damage free. This record of success owes to our longstanding and close relationship, which is rooted in our shared goal of care for customers.

The LTL Landscape will continue to evolve, and we know that Old Dominion Freight Line will be there to evolve with us and the thousands of LTL shippers in our network.

Prosport Express

Prosport Express logoElk Grove Village, IL-based Prosport Express may be located just down the road from our Chicago headquarters, but their network extends coast to coast.

With more than 200 trucks and 400 dura plate dry van trailers in their fleet, they prioritize flexibility, value, cost savings and efficient utilization for all the customers they serve. They even dabble in flatbed and refrigerated freight as well.

We’re proud that the volume of freight we help them source makes us one of their largest overall customers, and we look forward to continuing to deliver on our promises to them while they consistently deliver for the shippers in our network.

S and W Transportation, LLC

What does an owner-operator need to do to win a Carrier of the Year Award? Exhibit the same qualities a standout trucking company of any size should have.

S and W Transportation, LLC is a one-power-unit powerhouse from the appropriately named Effort, PA. They put maximum effort into every load they haul, working tirelessly to deliver on time and with a high standard of service that keeps shippers happy and our network moving.

They may not move as many loads per year as some of the larger fleets out there, but everything S and W touches is handled with the greatest care.

USKO Express, Inc.

USKO Express logo

Based in Rancho Cordova, CA, USKO Express, Inc. has been a leader in full truckload and expedited shipping for more than 14 years and nearly 140,000 loads.

While they’ve been an extremely valuable member of our network for shipments of all sizes, including their refrigerated and dry van full truckload services, we want to highlight their work in the expedited space with this award. Their fleet of box trucks and sprinter vans stood out from the pack all year, and they worked seamlessly with both CoyoteGO and their reps Olivia and Christian to manage, track and update each of their shipments.

The shared success we’ve found working with USKO Express highlights the importance of both technology and human connection when transparency matters most.

Vilano Incorporated

Vilano incorporated knows how to keep it cool — this refrigerated carrier operating out of Crest Hill, IL has made our Carriers of the Year list for the second year in a row.

They maintained a standout record of on-time deliveries for the fresh freight that needs it most, and they continue to thrive by combining the digital convenience of CoyoteGO for bidding, booking, tracking and billing with the expertise of their rep Kyle.

Here’s to more successful years moving food, beverages and anything else that needs temperature control together.

Volcano Transport

Volcano Transport logoVolcano Transport has been a mainstay in the Coyote network since 2016, and they’re not new to being recognized for excellence.

The Arlington Heights, IL-based carrier has previously placed near the top of the standings in our annual Peak Team Contest for hauling holiday season freight with us and UPS. We’re delighted to further honor them as a Carrier of the Year for their outstanding year-round performance.

Volcano Transport approaches their work with clarity of purpose and a growth mindset; we’re proud to support them by helping focus their efforts on achievable goals.

Walker Trucking LLC

Small carriers can make big impacts, and that’s certainly the case with Walker Trucking LLC from Dayton, OH.

Walker Trucking is an owner-operator who hauls refrigerated freight within the state of Ohio. But even though it’s a one-person operation, they still use the booking, load management and payroll features of CoyoteGO to keep them on the road just as much as the larger fleets they compete with.

Every single carrier in our network is important to us, at every size and scope of operations. Walker Trucking is a perfect example of how owner-operators can excel with the tools we provide them.


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