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CoyoteGO Carrier Release Notes: Book Multiple Loads, Advanced Load Search, Push Notifications & More

The technology you use to keep up with the demands of your business should work for you — not the other way around.

That's why we're committed to continually improving CoyoteGO® with updates that make our user-friendly digital freight platform faster, easier and more secure.

Learn more about the latest features we’ve added to CoyoteGO to improve your experience.


Book Together

We’d like you to haul as much freight as you want from our CoyoteGO, so we’ve made it even easier to book in bulk.

When you’ve clicked on a load to view its details on our load board in the past, you’ve probably noticed that it will show you a list of similar suggested loads. Now when you see that list, you can book two loads at once.

book together in coyotego

If you see a button that reads “Book Together” appear with any of the suggested loads, simply click it to begin the booking process for both that load and the one you originally suggested. That’s two times the freight to haul with the same amount of work to book!


Improved Load Search

Searching for loads in CoyoteGO just got smarter.improved search menu

We’ve expanded the options available in our search filter menu to help you narrow down the results to just the loads you want to see. You can now choose to see just drop trailer, hazmat, team loads and open-deck.

You can also filter any of these categories out of your search results. This means if you don’t have the equipment or certifications they require, you’ll only see the loads you’re qualified to haul.

We’ve also added a field to our mobile app to search by load ID number. This means if you find a Coyote load posted on another load board and you want to quickly open it in CoyoteGO, you can navigate directly to it with its published ID number.


Smart Match Push Notifications

We’re working hard to keep you in the loop about your Smart Matches, even when you’re on the road.

You can now receive updates for loads that match your lane preferences via push notification on your mobile device.

Simply navigate to the “Edit” menu for each Smart Match you’d like to be notified about to toggle on mobile notifications. You’ll also be asked if you wish to activate mobile notifications for each new Smart Match you create.

Be the first to know when your perfect next load is available.


Dispatch and Manage Loads on Mobile App

Dispatcher and driver-dispatcher are two of the most powerful CoyoteGO account types. Now they’re more agile than ever.

We’ve added dispatching and managing load functionalities to the CoyoteGO mobile app for dispatcher and driver-dispatcher users. Now you can dispatch drivers, upload paperwork, update load statuses and manage your team assignments via the app.

This feature is great for owner-operators who both manage small fleets and spend time on the road themselves. Now the tools you need to keep all your drivers moving are at your fingertips on any connected device.


Get the Most Out of CoyoteGO

To learn all the details about using CoyoteGO as a carrier, check out our five-part guide:

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