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The Winning Bid is...Yours! 2023 Transportation RFP Tips

This year’s RFP season is coming at a crucial and complicated time in the freight market.

Spot rates are falling, but contract rates remain high. Is now the time to play it safe or shake things up?

How can you avoid making a poor choice now that could lock you into unfavorable rates down the road?

Get expert advice on choosing when to re-rate, how to balance cost vs. service, how to run a bid yourself or with outsourced assistance, and the contract rate outlook for 2023.


In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • When re-rating primary rates is a good idea
  • Balancing cost vs. service
  • When to put what in spot
  • How to think about annual rates for 2023
  • Best practices for running a bid
  • When you should outsource


Presenters in This Session of the Q3 Supply Chain Master Series:

Charles Gilvarg
Director of Procurement, Logistics, Pregis

Carolyn Ideh
VP, Sales & Operations, Coyote Logistics

Chris Davis
Sr. Manager, Operations, Coyote Logistics

Connor Stevens
Sr. Manager, Procurement, Coyote Logistics


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