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Ask the Experts: How Network Optimization Can Save You Time & Money

“Network Optimization” sounds like a no-brainer for your supply chain, but it’s also vague enough that you might not be sure what exactly it entails.

But if you’re focusing less energy on your day-to-day shipping needs in the current market, it’s the ideal time to look at your entire supply chain through a wider lens. What’s working well and what could be going better? And are the right people handling the right tasks at all levels?

We’ll cover everything you can optimize — transportation, facility location, sustainability performance and more — as well as pitfalls to avoid and how to choose a provider with the expertise to help.

Topics covered include:
  • Network optimization defined.
  • What parts of your supply chain can be optimized.
  • How to take a data-driven approach to assessing capabilities and needs.
  • Prioritizing improvements based on resources & business goals.
  • How supply chain consultants can help you make the right choices.

  • Mike Lesso, Vice President, Distribution Centers & Logistics, American Freight
  • Jack Gerstner, SVP, Coverage, Coyote Logistics
  • Jay Zaleski, Director, Supply Chain Engineering & Analytics, Coyote Logistics