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Shipping Tech Health Check: Assessing Your Tech Stack & Making Improvements

When was the last time you took your tech stack’s temperature?

If you’ve been running the same platforms for years, it might be time to assess whether they’re creating the efficiencies you need, survey what’s out there on the market today and consider making a switch.

Join a panel of shipping tech experts for an overview of questions to ask when assessing your tech stack, a look at the tools out there on the market today and tips for how to choose the right solutions for your business.

Topics covered include:

  • Recent tech advancements in the supply chain space.
  • Ways to better leverage your tech stack.
  • Differences between API integration and a TMS.
  • Benefits of using a TMS and things to consider when choosing one.
  • A brief overview on CoyoteGO & CoyoteGO Premium’s capabilities.


  • Amy Augustine, Senior Director, Network Supply Chain, US Cellular
  • Lisa BK Hudson, Director, Global Events, WomenHack
  • Kim Hoglund, CIO, Coyote Logistics
  • Monica Stettler Brozny, Manager, Data Science, Coyote Logistics

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