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Q2 Freight Market Forecast: When Should You Prep for Rate Inflation?

The truckload market plunged into rate deflation in the back half of 2022 and it’s continued that downward trend in the first months of 2023.

But how low can rates go before the next market cycle starts? Are there signs that inflation might be around the corner? And to what extent is the state of the U.S. economy going to influence the market?

Learn what to expect from the truckload, LTL and intermodal freight markets in the next quarter. A panel of experts will tell you how spot and contract rates are likely to trend in Q2, which indicators to track for signs inflation is ahead and whether this will continue to hold true even if the wider economy enters a recession.

Topics covered include:

  • North American freight market trends, including truckload, LTL and intermodal.
  • The latest Coyote Curve® truckload spot rate index update.
  • All-in transportation cost projections for Q2.
  • How 2023 bid season is impacting contract freight.
  • How freight markets will respond in a lagging economy and indicators to watch.
  • Produce season freight predictions.
  • How to prepare for the coming rate environment.


  • Corey Klujsza, VP, Pricing & Procurement Strategy, Coyote Logistics
  • Ryan Williams, VP, Special Projects, Coyote Logistics
  • Tom Shield, VP, LTL Operations, Coyote Logistics
  • Mark Candos, Director, Freight Management, Coyote Logistics

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