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Q1 2023 Freight Market Forecast: What's Driving Rates Next Year?

Peak Season is in full swing right now, and capacity is tapped to handle it. But what will the landscape look like when the dust settles after the holidays?

When we last checked in on the Coyote Curve, truckload spot rates were deep into a deflationary phase and contract rates were starting to trend down behind them. Where are they now? Are they poised to rise again?

Get these questions answered in our Q1 freight market forecast with updates on the North American truckload, LTL and intermodal markets.

Head into 2023 with a strong modal mix in your supply chain plan.


Presenters in This Session of the Q4 Supply Chain Master Series:

Jack Atkins
Managing Director of Transportation Research, Stephens

Jose Garcia
VP of U.S. Freight Forwarding, UPS

Corey Klujsza
VP of Pricing and Procurement Strategy, Coyote Logistics

Luke Simendinger
VP of Intermodal, Coyote Logistics


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