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Moving Bikes for the European Track Cycling Championships: How Coyote Logistics Helped BikeFlights

BikeFlights was tasked with transporting the bikes of the best track cyclists in the world during the 2022 European Track Champions League races.

They were dealing with time constraints and logistical challenges; the Championship League was hosting back-to-back weekend events in different EU countries.

All the athletes' bikes needed to be shipped after each event and delivered within two days, on-time and safely. BikeFlights worked with Coyote Logistics Europe, who guaranteed two-day delivery, and followed up by shipping the bikes with a 100% success rate.

Every track cyclist had their bikes on time for warm up and training. Coyote’s communication, availability and responsiveness helped to deal with any issues that came up.

According to William Alcorn, President at BikeFlights, working with a partner like Coyote contributes to being able to maintain the customer experiences they want to deliver as a company.