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Congratulations to the Coyote Logistics Peak Team Contest Winners!

During the Coyote Logistics Peak Team Contest, driver teams hauling Expedited Peak freight earned $150,000 in weekly cash prizes, and the top performers over the month-long competition collected $150,000 in grand prizes. These three grand prize winners maintained the highest service, tech tracking and mileage scores across all contestants. Congratulations to our winners!

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Video Transcript:

Coyote's network of carriers went above and beyond to deliver holiday cheer during Peak season. 

We thought our network of carriers could use some holiday cheer too, which is why we gave away $300,000 USD in cash prizes to high-performing driver teams who participated in the Coyote Logistics Peak Season Contest.



Coyote Rep: I wanted to congratulate you. Of the hundreds of carriers, and thousands of truck we had, you two placed third in the contest. So you'll be... You will receive a $20,000 check from us.

Third Place Carrier: So that's incredible. 



Coyote Rep: On behalf of Coyote Logistics, I wanted to be the first to congratulate you both. You won second place, so you'll be receiving a $50,000 check from Coyote. 

Second Place Carrier: [laughing] That is awesome! Thank you so much. Oh, that's going to help so much.

Coyote Rep: Thank you so much!



Coyote Rep: I know you've been eager to figure out the results. On behalf of Coyote Logistics, I wanted to be the first to congratulate you. You placed first, so you'll be receiving a $80,000 check from us. 

First Place Carrier: Thank you! That's amazing.

Coyote Rep: Do you guys have any idea what you would do with the prize money?

First Place Carrier: Probably going to put a new motor in the truck, so we're ready to go for next year...


To all of our network carriers, thank you for your hard work!

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