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2020 Q2 Coyote Curve Webinar

The COVID-19 pandemic has created extreme disruption to the U.S. truckload market. Logistics and supply chain professionals, both shippers and carriers, need insight to navigate the volatility. Join four Coyote Logistics executives as they recap how the coronavirus has impacted the market to date, discuss an updated forecast for 2020, and offer actionable tips for how you can prepare your business operations for an economic recovery. Get the slides on SlideShare: Panelists: Chris Pickett (Chief Strategy Officer) J-Ann Tio (SVP, Business Operations) Mike Sinkovitz (SVP, CTM) Christina Bottis (Chief Marketing Officer and panel moderator) In this live webinar, you'll learn: - The most recent state of the Coyote Curve™ forecasting model - Where the truckload market is likely headed throughout 2020 - When shipper demand will likely recover - Actionable strategies to improve your operations - How shippers and carriers are making a difference during the pandemic - Answers to your questions in a live Q&A